Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Metallic Glass Fusing High Fire Decals from Tanya Veit and AAE Glass

Brand new to the fused glass industry, Tanya Veit has really knocked these out of the park.  AAE Glass is known for providing the highest quality, low fire glass fusing decals on the market.  Well, the bar has been raised even higher.  Over 60 new High Fire decal designs have been released today.  These designs were not only inspired by Tanya, but by the numerous customer suggestions we have received over the years.  We take our customer comments seriously and have delivered some images that were highly requested.  
High Fire decals are available individually and recommended to be fired between 1300-1425 Fahrenheit. 
These High Fire Decals can be used while fire polishing or slumping at the same time.  
Ventilation is key to a perfect gold or silver finish. 
Your kiln may fire differently.  These instructions are what works best at AAE Glass.  You may need to adjust slightly depending on the finish you are looking for.  

Tanya's suggested firing instructions
250 DPH to 350F Hold 10 minutes
350 DPH to 750F Hold 20 minutes
Full DPH to 1300 - 1425F Hold 12-15 minutes
Full TP 900 (Hold for specific annealing time)
Turn kiln OFF

Friday, April 25, 2014

Guest Glass Art Instructor Amanda Taylor of Oatka Glass is Coming to AAE Glass

Mark your calendars now, June 25th - 29th, and reserve your seat today for this five day glass casting class.  Amanda has designed this class around AAE Glass student requests, so it is not like any other! 
Learn the following:
Create Clay Models for Open-Face Molds
Latex & Silicone Replica Mold Making
Working w/Powder to Make Design Elements (Freeze and Fuse Powder Wafers)
Simple Box Casting
Lost Wax Casting Using Splash Coat & Jacket Coat Techniques
Simple Patte de Verre Molds
Calculating Glass Volume
Kiln Schedules
Casting w/Bullseye Glass Frits and Billets/Cullet and Gaffer Glass

Click HERE or call the AAE Glass Studio to sign up today!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Featured Fused Glass Artists Eugenia and Gary Olson of BDI Designs Studio

Master fused glass artist Tanya Veit teaches dozens of classes and workshops each year, at the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida.  Hundreds of eager glass artists come from around the world to get a first class experience at Florida's hottest glass fusing studio.  Not only does Tanya teach unique techniques that glass artists can build upon and create glass art they didn't know was possible, but students are also treated to marketing and business advice to help grow their businesses.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a glass artist parlay the techniques they learned into a successful business and there is no greater example of this than Eugenia and Gary Olson of BDI Designs Studio

Eugenia and Gary traveled to Florida from the great northwest and they wore their passion for fused glass art on their sleeves. Like sponges, they soaked up everything Tanya had to offer and they immediately had ideas churning in their heads of how they could apply these new techniques to their growing business.  They have submerged themselves in fused glass art and have made quite a name.  So much so, that Eugenia was featured on KATU channel 2 AM Northwest.  The Olson's, always being proactive, submitted a fused glass piece to a facebook contest and received more than double the votes from the public than the next closest fused glass artist.  AM Northwest saw this and decided they wanted to feature them on TV for their holiday gift segment. VIEW HERE.  

The Olson's focused on art shows mostly to sell their fused glass art, but have recently added an ETSY store and their own website,  Feel free to view their work either place.  Keep up the great work!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sign Up for Bullseye Kiln-Glass Education Online

Did you know Bullseye Glass offers online education year round for $39/year?
Learn things such as Kilncasting, Coldworking and Kilnforming.
Several resources have been added. 
Click HERE to sign up.
You can watch the videos as many times as you like, anywhere you get internet access.
 12 new videos are added every year. 
You will receive firing schedules, product lists & helpful links with each lesson.
Join the discussions with other online subscribers.
Free videos available as well. 
Continue your glass art education today!