Friday, September 30, 2011

AAE Glass New Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry and Decals

AAE Glass

Tanya Veit has spent the last few days experimenting with the new, larger fused glass decals AAE Glass recently released.  She has been combining the fused glass decals to create stellar designs (above).

While we have had numerous beautiful, larger glass pieces shared with us by our friends (bowls, vases, plates, etc), Tanya shows these larger decals can easily be incorporated into your glass jewelry the same way as the smaller decals, they can even be used right along with the smaller decals.  This has opened up so many designing possibilities as well as other aspects for Tanya to share with students in her famous Extreme Fusing Workshops, coming soon to Cape Coral, Florida in the brand new AAE Glass Studio.  You won't want to miss this top notch learning experience and if you have had the pleasure of meeting Tanya, you know you will have fun right along with the intense learning.

Be sure to check out other posts on this blog to see these fused glass decals in action. 

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with us.  We are excited to know that these new decals have been received in such a positive way.  Again, the superior quality to any other decals on the market shines through.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, September 23, 2011

AAE Glass Presents Featured Artist Anna Price

AAE Glass is proud to present Anna Price of Aesthetic Designs as a featured glass jewelry artist. 
Anna has been a friend of AAE Glass for a few years and makes beautiful glass art.
My name is Anna Price.  I worked in stained glass, panels and lamps, for around 20 years, and never had any interest in fusing glass.  Then, while shopping on ebay, I discovered dichroic glass and it was love at first sight.  After the first few of my jewelry creations were bought literally off my neck, I thought, Anna, you just might have something here!  That's when my business, Aesthetic Designs, was born.

I started out selling on Ebay, and my first face to face selling experience was on a card table in an un-airconditioned church gymnasium.  I really liked being able to talk and interact with customers and gradually built up a schedule of shows which I do every year.  Now, I sell at art and crafts fairs, have a few pieces in several art galleries, sell from my studio and have an active WEBSITE.

This overview of my business wouldn't be complete without mentioning that Tanya's silver settings and the enamel decals have been responsible for a 30% surge in my sales. They have also brought a lot of fun back to fusing and enlarged the creative possibilities for my work.  I'm taking Tanya's "Extreme Fusing Workshop" this weekend, and literally can't wait!  There's just something very special about creating beautiful things with your own hands that people want to buy.
 Thanks Anna.  We can't wait to meet you in person this weekend.

Glass Art Using New Fused Glass Decals from AAE Glass

AAE Glass is proud to present some finished glass art from Christine Wilson of BluDragonfly Jewelry

Thanks to Christine for showing a few possibilities using our new, larger glass fusing decals. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AAE Glass Features

At AAE Glass, we make it a priority to supply glass artists with unique supplies and provide tutorials and information to help glass artists grow their businesses. We have featured many glass artists right here on our blog and just by giving that little extra exposure, they have been able to increase their sales. We want to give you avenues to help you sell your wearable glass art.

That is exactly what this 100% woman owned and operated company, that has been in business for over 20 years, can do for you. If you are in the market for a gift for any occasion, has what you need. As a gift giver, what is the best part of giving a gift? Most people would agree that it is seeing the recipient's “reaction” when they open it. Well, for over 20 years, has been exceeding expectations in the “reaction” department. I have had the first hand opportunity to see the reactions of people when receiving a gift from and they deliver every time; chances are the recipient will even shed a tear of joy or appreciation.

A great part about is their poems are original so it truly is a unique gift, but the best part is you, the purchaser, can personalize the poems any way you like. There is even room for a picture. As I said earlier, they have a personalized poem for every occasion: BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, WEDDING, SYMPATHY and one of their best sellers I'M SORRY. The I'M SORRY personalized poem is very popular and while we are all going to mess up at one time or another, this personalized poem goes a long way to smoothing things over with a loved one.

There are so many options, I can't possibly list them all. I do want to add that all of these personalized poems can be framed and FREE SHIPPING is available. For a limited time has agreed to give all of our readers a 10% discount and FREE shipping when you use coupon code; AAEGLASS (no spaces).

Lets say you are a poet yourself and want to give your gift of word to a loved one. can design a layout for you to personalize your very own poem. If you ask me, there is no other gift that is more from the heart than a poem.

I have purchased several gifts from and have never been disappointed. When I include a piece of glass jewelry that I created with a personalized, framed poem with a picture, the responses have been off the charts.

Give a read. Even if you don't need a gift at the moment, chances are you will soon. Just reading the poetry on this site will give you motivation for creating with any medium you choose. I guaranty 100% that this will get your wheels turning and give you some extra, creative ideas. 

I wish you all a great and productive day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

15% Off the Entire Site - Limited Time Only

AAE GLASS wants to help you stock up for the upcoming holiday season.  Even though we just started the fall season, we know how fast the holiday season creeps up.  We want to give you a head start with a 15% site wide sale. 

This includes our newly released LARGE DECALS that can be used for jewelry as well as larger pieces AND they can be hand painted to fire permanently (see Color Me Bad).  Don't forget SILVER SETTINGS, FRIT BLENDS, SCRAP PACKS, DESIGNER SILVER BAILS and our original GLASS FUSING DECALS which are the highest quality and most unique on the market.

***cannot be combined with any other offers, in stock items only

Saturday, September 10, 2011

AAE Glass Gets Bigger and Better with 7 New LARGE Fused Glass Decals

AAE Glass is exploring a new direction by introducing LARGE fused glass decals.  These brand new designs by Tanya Veit ARE NOT just for pendants and jewelry anymore! 

This new line of decals is being geared towards large fused glass art work such as; bowls, platters, wall sculptures, sconces, candle screens, center pieces etc.  The possibilities are endless.  This is just the beginning as we will be releasing 7 more medium sized designs in the next few weeks that can be used as design elements in larger fused glass work as well as creating customizable glass jewelry.
You can get 4-6 pieces out of the patterned design squares or think BIG and use that square as a large design element in your larger fused glass piece?  Can you imagine a 12" tree of life fused glass decal on a sconce?
It is on the way my fusing friends.  How about a 13" enamel tree branch decal?  What a beautiful touch to a wall panel!  It too is on the way.  These decals are exciting and we are working hard creating FREE video tutorials using all of these new decal design elements in all sorts of different ways.
For now, please enjoy these unique pendant examples using these new sized decals. 
These enamel water slide decals are available NOW and are considered limited edition as they
are in beta. So, get them while you can!

Keep fusing!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cape Coral Florida and AAE Glass


I wanted to share some information about Cape Coral, Florida and what a great part of the country it really is, both to live and vacation in.  Cape Coral, Florida is located over the bridge from Fort Myers, north of Naples and about 80 miles south of Tampa and St. Petersburg, on the Gulf of Mexico, in southwest Florida.  Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is located a short cab ride from the downtown Cape. 

Cape Coral is know as a "Waterfront Wonderland" with more than 400 miles of canals.  That is more canals than any other city in the world. The canals were dug in the late 1950's and 60's and can be found everywhere you look.  They were constructed similar to the way many cities construct streets.  A map of the canal system in Cape Coral rivals a road map in many cities.

Cape Coral is centrally located between beautiful beaches on all sides.  Fort Myers beach is 10 minutes from the downtown Cape and is a very popular tourist attraction.  Fort Myers beach has been a vacation destination for families and young couples for decades. If it is good food and relaxation you are looking for, Fort Myers Beach is perfect.

The downtown Cape has its own unique character.  Along Cape Coral Parkway you will find numerous restaurants, art shops, any kind of food you have a taste for and of course several watering holes for when you get parched walking in the beautiful Florida climate.  This is where the AAE Glass teaching studio is located.  Unless you want to venture off to other parts of southwest Florida, there is no reason to rent a car. Everything you need is within walking distance from the studio including the Holiday Inn located 2 blocks away in the heart of downtown Cape Coral. 

Speaking of the climate, Cape Coral, Florida records 355 days of sunshine per year.  Quick math tells me that only leaves 10 days per year of cloud cover.  Now in the summer months it tends to be humid and hot.  During the summer months it will rain just about every day for 30-60 minutes around 4-5pm.  It is hot and sunny the other 23 hours per day.  From November through April the average temperature in the Cape is a perfect 78 degrees.  During the summer months of May through October the average temperature rises to 90 degrees.  For those looking for an escape from the cold winter months up north, Cape Coral is your answer.

The last feature I want to touch on is the huge art festival held in the downtown Cape on the 2nd January of every year.  Attendance at this festival tops 100,000 people with over 300 artists displaying their work.  Art of all mediums is definitely a major driving force in Cape Coral.  I have met numerous great painters, sculptors and glass artists in the Cape.  It is a very tight knit art community and everyone works together to build the art community as a whole.

This is just a quick blurb about a few of the highlights offered in Cape Coral, Florida.  We hope to see you enjoying some of the great things that southwest Florida has to offer.