Thursday, March 22, 2012

AAE Glass and Social Media

AAE Glass wants to share a social media presence with you.  One of the most common questions I am asked is, "Which social media outlets are best for my business?"  The truth is, you can make any outlet work if you build a solid foundation of followers. 

A solid foundation of followers will allow you to maximize the results of the time you devote to social media marketing.  Time is the biggest hurdle when using social media to market your business.  Don't follow people (or accept followers) who don't fit the profile you are looking to interact with.  We have all heard the saying "Quality over Quantity," this applies to social media as well.  When you have a group of people who share information and answer questions kindly and intelligently, you will quickly build credibility.  The more credibility you gain, the more quality followers you will attract and your solid foundation will grow into a larger and larger pool of potential customers and vendors. 

With that said, I want to offer you a "jumping off point" to help you build a solid foundation.  I am going to list a few sites that we use to promote our classes and products. Feel free to see who our followers are or what groups we have joined.  You may find some people you know and want to connect with them.  If you decide to follow AAE Glass or Tanya Veit, you will be connected with several other glass artists around the world.  Also, if you haven't already, go ahead and "join" the blog and you can be alerted of any new tutorials or new products that are released.

BLOG- Full of FREE tutorials, new products, glass art news, sales, and more!  We even feature glass artists from time to time with links to their sites, lists of the shows they are participating in or just to spread the word about glass art. 

FACEBOOK - The most popular social media outlet today.

TWITTER @AAEGLASS - Great for sharing quick information and links. You will also want to utilize BITLY.COM to shorten your links which will leave you more characters for content.  Millions of users. 

GOOGLE+ - Google's entrance into social media, still new and slowly growing.

LINKEDIN - Lots of great groups to join for anything you are looking for.

YOUTUBE - Video tutorials.

Thanks as always,

Mark Veit

AAE Glass

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Cap or Not to Cap...AAE Glass has the Answer

We receive this question from our customers often and would like to address it first hand in case anyone else is curious. The answer is “NO” and there are many reasons why. 

There are two types of fusing decal formulas on the market, put simply, low-fire and high fire. AAE Glass decals are actual enamel and are screen printed. The decals are strong, rich & detailed, this is due to the screen printing process. We are only able to do this with a low-fire formula. The higher the firing temp and formula, the less pigment color (vibrancy) you are able to achieve. This is why we made the conscious decision to stick with a low-fire formula and process.

When Tanya first started decal designing, she had a vision of designing a foreground and a background. Her thought was to create layers of glass scenery (background) while topping it off with a beautiful foreground image. When she first started creating, many years ago, only high fire formula decals were available in very limited designs. After creating a beautiful four layer background, she would place the decal between her final clear coat…not good! The decal design would spread and was distorted due to the amount of glass layers Tanya was using. Determined to achieve her vision on multilayer glass, AAE Glass developed a low fire decal formula that is fired LAST on top of the glass. This way, it would not matter if you used 2, 3 or 6 layers (as most of Tanya’s work does).  The decal can be fired on top of the glass and never distort the image, while focusing on the depth of the glass and really making the foreground decal image stand out. This method of using decals and layering has been a hit with Tanya’s jewelry with over 140 galleries and boutiques carrying her multilayer, scenic decal pendants. No Limits! That is what we at AAE Glass base our business and artistic principals on.

If you would like to learn the layering and design process with Tanya’s glass, please sign up for one of her many workshops at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Customer Appreciation Day Sale at AAE Glass Studio in Cape Coral, Florida

AAE Glass wants to invite you to the biggest sale our new glass art studio has ever seen.  We want to offer anyone who comes to see us Sunday, March 18th, from 10-3pm, a chance to SAVE 25% on ALL glass and glass fusing supplies.  We are located at 1228 Lafayette St, Cape Coral, Florida 33904. (239) 471-7724. We will also be offering special discounted class tuition to anyone who signs up for a class starting in April.  This is a 1 day, in store only event.  Whether you are trying fused glass for the first time or you have been fusing for decades, we have a class for you.  We offer a very relaxed atmosphere for learning and have fun with all of our classes.

Tanya Veit, principal artist, just returned from teaching at Coatings By Sandberg in Orange, California.  She went on a shopping spree and brought back over 100 POUNDS of handpicked dichroic glass.  Yes...100 POUNDS of both 90 and 96 COE dichroic glass handpicked by Tanya herself!   These aren't your typical dichroic colors either, these are hard to find and never before seen colors.  We have a selection of dichroic glass that will have your jaw dropping.

On top of the dichroic glass, we have massive amounts of both Bullseye and System 96 sheet glass, including several special production sheets.  We sell our sheet glass in various sizes, depending on your preference (6x6, 12x12 and half sheets).  These smaller sizes will allow you to purchase a wider variety of colors.

We will be offering $100 off any new kiln purchased on March 18th.  Who doesn't need a new kiln?!

We also have glass fusing decals, frit, powder, paint sets, silver settings and various tools.

We will be releasing "studio time" as well.  For everyone who purchases $300 or more will receive one FREE hour of studio time with access to all of our state of the art equipment.

We might even have cookies!!!

Tanya will be doing a FREE, LIVE dichroic layering demo at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm for anyone who wants to learn a few tricks and get a preview of the Extreme Fusing classes. 

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, March 18th from 10-3pm.

AAE Glass

Friday, March 2, 2012

Win a Prize Pack that Includes a Glass Pendant from Tanya Veit and AAE Glass

We at AAE Glass pride ourselves on helping artists gain exposure.  We have sponsored an international give away that anyone can enter.  Tanya Veit has donated a one of a kind fused glass pendant to the contest and everyone has a chance to win it! 

Beads by Roni has been a loyal blog follower of ours for a few years and we want to help promote her blog as much as we can.  You can view the Spring Fashionista contest HERE for your chance to win several great prizes.  Entering will take you less than 2 minutes and we would love to flood her with entries for Tanya's piece!  The deadline is March 7th, so be sure to act quickly.

If you have a glass art blog, website or business you would like to share with us, please email Mark at  We are here to help you not only learn unique glass fusing techniques from Tanya, but to help you on the back end with promoting your business.

Keep fusing!

AAE Glass