Thursday, October 22, 2009

Important Announcement for Christmas Holidays

This is a special announcement for our glass fusing decal blog followers. Some of you may know that is in the process of relocating from Chicago to Florida. This is a very big move as we have to pack and unpack our entire studio. This is obviously going to take some time.

In order for us to make this move we have to close our decal store from Sunday, Nov. 15th until after the new year in January. We apologize for any inconvenience! We hope you understand that we can not attend to orders while we are upgrading to a much larger studio.

What does that mean for We are not going to be re-stocking our decals until January. We have several new, unique decal designs we will be releasing in January (mermaid's, butterfly's, dragonfly's, etc...). These images are being produced right now and will be delivered to our new studio ASAP. These particular images have never been seen before and are sure to be popular.

What does this mean for you? We wanted to let our loyal blog followers know first. Whatever we have available at is it. We are going to sell all of our inventory in Chicago and refresh it, PLUS add several new items once the new studio opens in Florida.

We would suggest stocking up on all of your holiday decals ASAP. If you need a particular decal that is currently out of stock we are willing to work with you if at all possible. We will require a minimum of 25 pieces, per decal, on any special orders.

Please email us at with any questions.

Again, thank you for your patience while we make this move. We promise to make bigger and better for you in our new studio.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finished Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry

We wanted to share some finished dichroic glass fused jewelry. These are a few ideas we came up with using our fused glass decals.

If you would like to share your jewelry with the group, just email us at

Have a great day


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fused Glass Artist of the Week - Melissa Balusek

This was a very thoughtful submission to Artist of the Week. It is our first nomination from a 3rd party and we love the jewelry. Melissa's website is and you can purchase jewelry direct.

Melissa Balusek first began to notice dichroic glass jewelry and was excited about the lustrous colors and patterns some 10 years ago. She has always loved things that were beautifully colored and could hardly wait to experiment with the glass - and she still constantly looks for new fresh things to try. Walking into her workroom, you first see many beautiful patterns and colors of glass and Melissa cutting and fitting glass to make creations like the ones she offers on her website. Each presents her with a new, exciting adventure. Recently, Melissa found these wonderful fired decals that come in many different designs and sizes which actually become a part of the glass. You will find those listed on her website in the section called "A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA" because they really are something extra to enjoy.

Melissa is also a PMC Guild and PMC Connection Certified Level 2 instructor and you will see some of that work on her website also. She teaches small hands-on classes on how to create jewelry with Precious Metal Clay, how to fuse glass, and other advanced instruction techniques and ideas. She does this in her home where she can give more individualized attention to her students. Melissa often says she does these classes "Because I like helping others find joy in creating wearable art." Melissa has presented examples of her artistic creations at various craft shows in Texas, since 1999. She works with dichroic glass, glass beads, and precious metal clay to create beautiful jewelry; some of which you will want to add to your accessories. Now that she has retired from teaching 5th grade math, she finds she has more time to "play" with my glass.

Thank you so much Emil for sharing Melissa's work with us. Again her website is

If you know an artist and would like to share their work with our readers, please email us at

If you would like to purchase from our huge selection of glass fusing decals, visit our shop at

Have a great day!

AAE glass fusing decal update

We have had several inquiries as to when certain decals will be back in stock. We have received such a positive response and sold over 1,500 decals in the past week. Our printers are working with us as fast as they can to help us restock. We appreciate your patience and we are anticipating being fully restocked by the end of next week.

We will also be releasing some new, never before seen, glass fusing decals in the very near future.

Thank you everyone!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Save up to 40% on Glass Fusing Decals

Hello Dichroic Glass Jewelry makers and lovers! We are happy to offer our biggest sale yet. We are offering 40% off some of our most popular glass fusing decals and 20% off all of our glass fused decals. This is the perfect time to stock up for the Christmas push. Don't forget your bottle stopper blanks. This was one of our best sellers last year.

Coupon Code FUSE20

Visit for all details.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glass Fusing Artist of the Week - Phyllis Hains

My name is Phyllis Hains and I live in Miami, Florida. I have been working with glass for more than 10 years, starting with stained glass. I love fused glass and I started buying some pieces and then I realized that I could make my own. I took a basic class at our local stained glass store and the rest is history! I love to fuse glass!! I make jewelry, suncatchers, plates and more. I sell my work locally and to anyone who is interested in buying! I teach classes in my studio and I also teach glass fusing at Miami Dade College in their community education department. I haven't really gotten my Etsy store up and running yet (I'm a typical artist, I love to create and hate the business end!). I am also working with metal clay and fusing fine silver. I do have a website and it would love to have visitors, so check me out at
Thanks Phyllis! Love the work. I also love the fact that you are passing on your knowledge in the form of teaching others. I think that is very important.

If you are an artist who would like to be featured as "Artist of the Week" please email us at

If you are looking for fused glass supplies, please visit our store at


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Savings on Glass Fusing Decals Coming Soon

We will be having a sale at AAEGLASS very shortly!!! Certain glass fusing decals will be up to 40% off. Stay tuned for more details.

If you are looking to stock up on glass jewelry making supplies for Christmas, this is the time to start making your jewelry. The recession is dwindling away and people are getting ready to spend their money on Christmas gifts. Happy glass working!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dichroic Glass Artist of the Week - Cindy of Beadnik Boutique

My name is Cindy and I live in a beach community (on the shores of Lake Michigan), with my husband and two cats. I've always had an interest in art, but never really found my niche until one day when my daughter-in-law gave me the tools to start making jewelry. I had no idea what to do with them, but they were a gift. So I bought a couple of how-to books and went at it. It didn't take me long to realize that I found my new love or, I guess you could say, obsession.

With a little prodding from friends and family, I decided it was time to share my creations. And so after weeks of thinking and talking, Beadnik Boutique was born!

You make great jewelry Cindy! You will receive 10 free decals with your next order. Thank you for sharing your glass jewelry with us. If you would like to work with dichroic glass jewelry decals that fire on dark glass, visit

Be sure to send your entry for artist of the week to


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very important time of year for

Breast cancer hit very close to home several years back. We saw, first hand, how this unforgiving disease can beat a person up. We then saw an even stronger person defeat this disease. We at have stood behind this cause 100%. We want to extend a very special poem to you called "God Heals."

God Heals

Remember when you heard the words -
and your mind went blank - you were in another world
God heals
Remember in your darkest hours -
when all that surrounds you is pain and sorrow
God heals
Remember friends' prayers - your family's encouragement
- glimmers of hope from everyday angels
God heals can hear Him now -
always there - yet never this close
God heals
It's just another day -
yet everything has changed - and you hear yourself say
God heals
Birds are singing -
the sky is a beautiful blue - flowers are blooming...
God heals
Truths that you knew as a child -
awakened again with new understanding
God heals
Remember when others can't -
that life is a gift - each day to treasure
God Has Healed

(Example of optional closing)
Laura, this poem comes to you with all our love and support
Love, Joe, Maria, and Kenny

The poem "God Heals" was written by one of the owners of, a breast cancer survivor who openly and honestly recounts her thoughts and emotions upon learning of her illness as well as living with the day to day reality of it. The recurring message of God's healing power serves as an inspiration to anyone experiencing a crisis in his or her life. The poem's author continues to see each day as a gift and truly believes that "God Has Healed."

All profits from the sale of the Poetry Gift "God Heals" will be donated to the Dr. Richard G. and Carol Caldwell Breast Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital located in Park Ridge, Illinois in order to help women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Caldwell Breast Center is a cutting edge leader in the field of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Breast Center provides a multidisciplinary approach of medical and surgical specialists plus state-of-the-art equipment in one convenient place.

The Breast Center was recently renovated and expanded to three times the original space. The Caldwell Breast Center's goal is to provide a definitive diagnosis within one week of service. The additional space will help achieve that goal by bringing together specialists in a variety of disciplines including medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, genetics and social services.

Lutheran General Hospital is part of Advocate Health Care, based in Oakbrook, Illinois, which has been ranked as one of the nation's top health care systems for the past three years.