Monday, January 16, 2012

Boca Raton Fine Art Show January 20-22

  AAE Glass wants to keep you updated on the "art scene" here in Florida.  Whether you are an artist or art lover, the Boca Raton Art Show is a great place to be both inspired and to find that unique art piece you have been looking for.  This is a juried fine art show with both local and world-renowned artists, in other words, there will be plenty of high quality art displayed.  For more information about the show, read HERE.

What: Presents 3rd Annual Boca Raton Fine Art & Craft Show™
January 20-22, 2012
Where: Royal Palm Place (International Plaza), 308 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL 33432
Juried Fine Art & Craft Event with World-Renown and Top Notch Local Artists

The 3rd Annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show™ happens January 20-22, 2012 at Royal Palm Place. Juried by art professionals, this high quality fine art & craft event brings world-renowned & top notch local artists to sell their paintings, clay, glass, sculpture, wood, fiber, jewelry, photography and more. All work is original and hand made by the artist who is present at the show and happy to answer any questions about their work. You will see artists at this event that you do not see at other Florida shows. Live art demonstrations allow many opportunities for the patrons to be able to understand the processes that the artists’ go through to create their specific medium. There is also live entertainment, which does not interfere with patron and artist. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that enhances the artwork and creates a relaxing environment for art lovers.

Event Hours:
Fri, Jan 20 5pm-8pm
Sat, Jan 21 10am-5pm
Sun, Jan 22 10am-5pm

Free Admission and Free Parking

Friday, January 13, 2012

Extreme Fusing Contest Participants at AAE Glass


We are honored to have 2 celebrities in the glass art world agree to be our guest judges along with Tanya Veit for this contest.  You can be assured you are being judged by three of the best in the business! There is still time to get your entry in and win a FREE Extreme Fusing class at the AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida

Patty is one of the most popular and well known glass fusing teachers in the world and has been for sometime.  She travels the world sharing her expertise in glass art with students of every level.  Be sure to catch her when she is in a city near you.  Patty's teaching schedule and website can be viewed HERE.  Did I mention she will be teaching at AAE Glass in October??  Thanks for lending a hand Patty!  If you haven't had a chance to meet Patty, you can learn more about her HERE.  We look forward to some action packed workshops in October!
Our next celebrity judge is David Alcala.  David is a veteran of the glass art world.  He has owned several studios over the years and is currently located in Monterey, California.  David has a different twist on glass art and has parlayed that into a new book, a teaching tour and a new product called flexi-glass.  Several of the AAE Glass art fans helped in making David's book a reality and he wanted to make sure he extended his thanks to each and everyone.  David will be teaching at the AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida at the end of April.  His full teaching schedule across the country can be viewed HERE
Our third judge is none other than Tanya Veit.  In one short year, Tanya has taken the fused glass world by storm.  Tanya has traveled to over 25 studios across the country in the past year alone to share her unique techniques with anyone willing to learn.  She is taking her show on the road to Canada, London and Norway in 2012, you can view her complete teaching schedule HERE.  Her non-stop energy and passion for both glass and teaching make a great recipe for learning.  Tanya owns, operates and teaches the majority of her classes at the AAE Glass Studio in Cape Coral, Florida. 

There you have it, three titans of the industry will determine the TWO winners of the Extreme Fusing Classes in Cape Coral, Florida.  Be sure to have your entries in by February 12th.  Every entry will receive FREE publicity on this blog, as well as all of our social media outlets and the 10,000 subscribers on our email list.  You and your glass art will be seen all over the world with just the click of a button.  AAE Glass succeeds, when you succeed!

1)      Attached is Dale’s Lake, made with AAE Lake & Tree decal and dichro.
2)      Here’s what’s different:  This was a custom piece designed in memory of a family friend.  He passed away this year, and there is a bit of cremate remains embedded along the shore of the lake within the glass.  Dale fought a long courageous battle with Cancer, and swam “his” lake on a regular basis, so when I saw your Lake decal online, it was an immediate match for his wife’s pendant.  She indeed adores this piece, and I make custom pendants for others.
3)      Having used many decals in my glass work, I find that AAE’s do several things that others do not.  One, they inspire creativity.  I find that I design my pieces around your decals, often nipping and combining different decals together that are complimented by glass.  Also, the quality is unsurpassed.  I’ve made my own, used others, and the depth of your enamel is outstanding.  Lastly, the low fire schedule makes these easy to use.  Unlike some other decals, they work every time with great results.

I have been working with stained glass for about 15 years, and fused glass for about three years. Glass is my passion and my addiction.  

About three years ago, my four sisters and I began our own "Sisters' Day".  Each year, we remember and honor each other with a gift.  I created this poem for them.  I mounted it in the fused frame I made with your "Tree of Life" decal.  It is my favorite AAE Glass decal, (although there are so many beautiful ones).

I have made wine stoppers, key chains, purse hangers, necklaces, plant pokes and frames with your decals.  They are so easy to use, and always turn out beautiful.  The detail on your decals is amazing.  I always look forward to new ones you come up with.  I also have used your silver settings for some of my projects.  These settings are very nice quality, and make a project look so professional. 

This is a fairly large pendant using glassline paints, 1/2 of the 'breakage' decal in black and the sea (jelly fish and bubbles) white decals.

The paint technique was 'picked up' when Tanya did a class at Vitrum in Beltsville.
As a full time glass artist, I enjoy making jewelry, functional work and glass art.  The recent jewelry class with Tanya has greatly expanded my techniques with 'painterly' touches, including the use of decals. These decals can create mini landscapes, add a touch of humor or add a bit of depth to my piece. They have been very easy to use.
My website is Be Fused Hot Glass Online purchasing can be done through  ETSY

I live in Saudi Arabia and was fortunate enough to be home in Denver, Colorado when you held your Extreme Fusing 1 class at Bella Glass studios last summer.  I will be back in Denver again this coming summer to hopefully take the Extreme Fusing 2 class.  I love everything I learned from Tanya.  Her creativity and enthusiasm is infectious.  I have used her decals on many pieces with great results and sales.
I am including a photo of a bowl I created, using the eye decal, that I sold at the annual craft shows here.  As you can imagine it was a hit with the expats here!  I hope you enjoy it.
Because we all have so many necklaces, I decided to use little painted frames and easels and have made small landscape art for desks or small spaces; one for each season.  If a person wants to have a bail added, I include that with a little tube of E6000.  They have been well received, and make great gifts.
I love working with the new techniques and decals. The Extreme class that you taught was so informative and fun. As a result of the excitement of learning a new trick, I purchased a kiln and have been making and making and selling beautiful dichroic, layered, decaled items since then.  I love to cut the decals apart and make different scenes out of them.  I always photograph my raw work because it takes on such a different look after being fired, and I can remember how I assembled the pieces to start with. To me this is exciting. 
The landscapes were used firing down and three firings before the cold work. Then decals were applied and put back in the kiln for the final process. I am amazed at how much more professional my work looks and how much fun I am having “breaking out of the box”.
 African Sunset - fused glass pendant by BluDragonfly (Christine Wilson).
 Brief summary of your piece, your business and/or you yourself.
I love this pendant.  The colors are so vibrant and the piece allowed me to use several techniques I learned at the Extreme Fusing Workshop held in Denver, CO in July 2011.  The pendant incorporates dichroic glass, hand blended frit and paint as well as an AAE Glass screen printed enamel.  I felt that this design worked so perfectly with the vibrant red background.  You know how there is always one piece you create that you fall in love with and can never sell - well this one is it for me!
In July 2011, I took Tanya's Extreme Fusing Workshop in Denver.  This is the best class that I have ever taken and nothing can compare with the information on fusing that Tanya is willing to share.  The classes are high paced and action packed and allow your imagination to run wild playing with different colors and themes.   It is always interesting to see what your classmates create as well - so much imagination in one room!   In August 2011, I participated in the Fairplay Colorado Bead and Fiber Show.  My "Pelican" fused glass pendant placed 3rd in the juried competition for Jewelry/Wearables.
In 2008, I took a class on how to make lampwork beads and it just seemed like a natural progression to get involved in another glass art form and fusing was it!  I retired in May 2010 and this allowed me the freedom to pursue my love of glass on a full-time basis.  To me it is always exciting to go to the kiln first thing in the morning and discover what wondrous magic has evolved over night.  Some days are better than others, but that is the beauty of this art form - you are always learning and discovering new things and what works best together.
I created my business, BluDragonfly in 2010 and participate in local art and craft fairs in Northern Colorado and Denver.  I also started up an Etsy website to sell my fused glass jewelry.  After all, there are only so many pendants one person can wear!  One of the thrills and challenges of listing a fused glass pendant on my Etsy website is coming up with a name that best suits the design and character.
I belong to the Rocky Mountain Flameworkers organization.  We are a group of glass artists who meet once a month to discuss our new projects, share ideas and compete in challenges to expand our creativity and talents.  I am a Self Representing Artist (SRA #W126) and I love how my fused glass pendants are a One Of A Kind (OOAK). No two are ever alike and why would you want them to be?!
Brief testimonial about any AAE Glass products you have used. (positives, negatives, thoughts, suggestions).
I have been using AAE Glass products for over 2 years.  I love the quality, variety and creativity that goes into the screen printed enamels.   The customer service you receive from Tanya and her partner Mark Veit is second to none.  They are always quick to offer suggestions and advice.  I always look forward to their new designs and ideas.  It is so generous of them to promote your business on their website or through Twitter and Goggle+.  I recently purchased several of their silver settings and this adds a whole new dimension to the glass work.  I sure hope that the Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop II travels to Denver in summer 2012 *hinting*!
My name is Phyllis and I'm a glass artist in Miami, Florida.  I've been working with and loving glass for about 10 years now! 
This piece measures 8" x 7" not counting the stand and it's my first time working with the larger decals.  I started off firing this piece for a full fuse upside down and then turned it right side up and added some more glass and trimmed it.  Then I fired it again for much less time so there would be some depth to the look.  I then added three different decals and fired it one more is the result!
I have taken 2 Extreme Fusing classes with Tanya and she is an excellent teacher!  I am signed up to go to her studio (AAE Glass) in Cape Coral for the David Alcala class in April and I can't wait!  I always liked my glass fusing creations but I am madly in love with everything I make now that I have learned from Tanya!!!  She is so passionate about her art and shares that with her students.  I am so lucky to be part of that!!  Her decals are top quality and fuse beautifully! 
Oh, and this past holiday season was my most successful, thanks to my teacher/mentor/friend, Tanya!
The best place to see my glass art is on my facebook page:  Phused by Phyllis 
I wanted to show you what I made with several of your decals.  It is a freestanding curved panel with a light behind it.  I used AAE large tree decals and AAE normal black and white butterflies and dragonfly decals over blue streaky fused to white glass.  Also if you look at the bottom I tack fused green glass.
I have been fusing glass for about 2 years. I took my first class and fell in love. Since that first class I've been lucky enough to take Extreme Fusing 1 with Tanya at her visit to Denver and Extreme Fusing 2 at AAE Studios in Cape Coral Florida.  I loved both classes and can't wait until  EF3!  I've used almost every decal Tanya has created, they are so amazing. I love how they are raised and you can see so much detail. I've also used Tanya's silver settings, very beautiful and elegant. 
Thank you Tanya for sharing your passion and knowledge with me!  I love every technique you've taught me and I enjoy combining them to one another.
I've included a pendant that I was quite happy with. The idea came from a photo of some elephants crossing the savana while the sun was going down. A big, bright yellow sun. You could see the elephants' silouette against it.
I am Helene Cempa of Eye Candy Glass Art. I create stained glass panels & fused jewelry and other art at Eye Candy Glass Art.
I have used the AAE decals for some time now but recently took the Extreme Fusing I class and I'm using the decals as much as I can. The results are always great and the images are wonderful. The class was amazing as is Tanya!
My name is Kristi Jones.  I am from Tampa Bay, FL.  This is one of my favorite creations using AAE decals.  The simplicity alone gives you that "warm heart" feeling.  I have been fusing glass for about 5 years now.  Other than beginner fusing and lampwork classes, I am self-taught.  I am always searching for new and exciting ideas and products to improve my skills.  So far I have not been successful in creating the exquisite layered effects that I see on the AAE website gallery.  However the AAE products that I have purchased: decals, glass settings, and frit, have been amazing to work with and have added great flair to my work.  The owl nightlight has received a very favorable response in my ETSY shop.  

My name is Geneviève Cloutier and I am the owner of the boutique LeFil d'Ariane. After a long period of self-education, I began to work with glass (fused glass and lampwork). Since discovering this fascinating material, I have constantly been on the lookout for new techniques and ideas.
This search led me to try new forms and to play with the transparency of glass, as on this pendant. Three firings were needed before the cold working, then one more for the fire polishing and a final firing to attach the decals. I am very proud of the result, fishes seems to swim between rocks!
I particularly like the AAEGlass decals on account of their quality as well as the incomparable service I have always had from this company. These decals allow me to create unique pieces, and my customers love them! I like to cut up the ready-made scenes and create new ones by combining the different models.
My creations are available on my website at Although English is not my native language, I will be delighted to reply to you as well as I can, in either English or French. Oh! And you can follow me on Facebook and I love comments!
The inspiration for my fused glass panel started with AAE Glass's large decals and viewing some spectacular northern lights images. This panel was kiln pressed for the watercolor technique seen in the northern lights sky. The panel was coldworked and then topped with clear glass and full fused. The decals were applied and fired for a permanent finish.
I attended Tanya's Extreme fusing class in Chicago last year. Tanya is a wonderful, outstanding and inspiring teacher. Be sure to read her blog for news and information on fusing techniques. Can't wait for new decal designs! Everything I have ordered from Tanya's website has shipped fast and is outstanding.
This is a fused dichroic glass pendant using the Pelican decal.  I created the sunset by fusing several different pieces of dichroic glass onto a dark pink glass base, then fusing clear glass over it.  
My name is Anna Blair, I'm a retired High School art teacher and life long artist.  I live close to a lake in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, two cats and a menagerie of wild animals (mostly raccoons, possums, a few feral cats, and an occasional fox or coyote) that I feed in the evening.  The raccoons have never gotten aggressive and take food out of my hand.  Some have even brought their babies to show us...(as you can probably tell, I'm an animal/nature lover). 
I have several online shops- Artfire, Etsy, Ruby Plaza, Ruby Lane, & Zibbet.  I love working with glass, it's fun to open the kiln and see what has transpired eight hours earlier!  Sort of a mini-Christmas!
I use AAE's decals, because they are superior to others I have tried.  I often cut them apart and combine the parts differently.  It makes it more interesting for me from a creative stand point and for the buyer.
My name is Susanna Kaplan and I have been a fused glass artist for about six years. I play with all sorts of glass, big and small and love it all. I now also teach classes. I use Tanya's decals in all my classes and for my own personal collection of jewelry. My favorite class is  landscapes in glass. I start with  glass that has a feel of water and sky and let my students create a scene with the decals. They love it. I live in Sebastopol,  California with my artist  husband Bert. Our website is We both do many juried shows and events and stay very busy with our passions. Warmly Susanna Kaplan
My name is Tonya Nelson and I have been fusing glass for about 1 ½ years.  I took one introduction to glass fusing class and the rest of my education has come from experimentation, surfing the internet and reading tutorials from those gracious enough to share.  I have made many pendants and badge reels and had thought about making larger items but lacked the confidence.  When I saw this contest I thought "time to get out of my comfort zone".  I was inspired by an Under the Sea painting I had seen and knew I wanted to do a wall hanging.  I didn't want to be limited by my kilns smaller size, so I made three panels.  Each panel is 5" tall by 8" wide.  I had been playing with a tutorial I had found on  called "puddles" and loved the effect.  I made the sunset, ocean waves, cliffs, seaweed patches and some of the ocean floor using this technique.  I used dichro slide to make the sun and frit, confetti and stringers on the ocean floor.  I used enamel paints to help me cover a lot of my mistakes!  I have a rebellious nature and I was trying to create depth, so I fused a large portion of the decals onto the under layer and then capped them with blue glass.  The black decals did fine but the white ones did not survive this abuse. It is hard to see in this picture, but you can see some of the depth with the jellyfish and the ship.  I then finished with decals on the finished panels and used white decals for the jellyfish and fish.  I painted over the white fired decals with enamel paints.    I love AAE Glass decals for the variety, durability and quality.  As a company they offer exceptional customer service.  My only suggestion is to keep those decals coming.  Thank you for offering wonderful products and for finding ways to inspire and motivate newbies and seasoned glass enthusiasts. You can find me on ARTFIRE
 I'm a glass artist and jewelry designer in Northern Virginia. I recently left the Loft Gallery after 5 years to dedicate my time and energy into the creation and design of my lampwork beads. I currently sell on ebay under Bubbie Beads and have extended my sales to Artfire! I also have a website under where I sell my glass art and jewelry designs.
 I have been working with glass in a number of ways, fusing, stained glass and lampworking. I have many other skills but my main interest is handmade lampwork beads and jewelry. 
After beading my own jewelry designs for eleven years, I took a class from Tanya in St. Augustine, Florida. I was new to fusing and what she taught me took my fused glass pendants from ordinary to extraordinary. Tanya’s layered techniques combined with her glass decals from AAE Glass added another dimension to my work. The enamel in the decals is easy to fire, turns out very black and shows up well with a lot of detail. Tanya was right when she said that the customer’s buying your work will love them. I have also bought their dichroic scrap packs and silver jewelry settings, all of which have made up nicely and sold well. As a teacher, Tanya ROCKS!!! Her enthusiasm for glass is infectious. She is also extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and resources. I recently learned David Alcala's frit technique from Tanya which went into making this 5” x 7” fused glass panel along with her large glass decals. I can’t wait to see what new projects are to come from experimenting with everything that AAE glass has offered. I can honestly say that Tanya has changed the direction of my calling and added value to my work. I thank the whole team at AAE Glass including Mark, Molly and John for being supportive, encouraging, and professional.  
My name is Laurie Ruck and I am the proud owner of Cat’s PawGlass, LLC.  I have worked with stained glass for many years and discovered fused glass only a few years ago and have been hooked ever since!  Now my dining room has been transformed into a mini-studio and my husband and I now eat on the couch.  (Thank goodness he has been so supportive of all of this!).   Each and every one of my pieces is made out of my home with two cats underfoot, supervising everything.  I work two other jobs besides my glass business, so I am kept pretty busy-but sleep is optional-right—and the glass is worth it!
I discovered Tanya Veit of AAE Glass last year at one of her workshops and her class just rocked my world!  It helped me to break out of the mold of fused glass.  There is so much more out there to fusing than just put this piece on this piece, melt, repeat.  Her class was amazing and I find that I am back to dreaming about glass all of the time again.  She has been such an asset in helping me to make the leap into creating my own business and getting my work out there.   In addition to all of her help, personally, her products that she sells through AAE Glass are amazing!  My sales have jumped through the roof by utilizing her silver findings and her decals.  I have tried other companies, but the quality and customer support is just not there.  Even with rough economic times, by utilizing the skills that I learned through the Extreme Fusing Class taught by Tanya and utilizing AAE Glass’s glass settings and superb decals, each of my shows has been successful. 
Please feel free to visit my website at for some of my new pieces that I have created in my home.
My name is Diane Schlichting and run a small home business called Creative Glass Arts, dedicated to fused glass jewelry and art pieces, as well as stained glass and other types of jewelry.  I began working with fused glass about 6 years ago after taking a  fused pendant class at a local glass shop.  I was hooked and quickly bought my kiln.  From there, my passion exploded into stained glass as well.  I love working with fused glass, creating new treasures to look at and share with other people.  Opening the kiln after a firing is like opening a present on Christmas morning, a new treasure to discover!  I mostly sell my finished pieces to friends and local craft markets and art fairs and have recently created an online store on Zibbet at  Although I have not put up many projects there yet in the glass area, and focused mainly on my pendants, I have hundreds more pieces that are available directly at art fairs.  I must have at least 100 pendant alone!
When I first saw David Alcala's sand art items I was blown away by them, and tried to figure out on my own how on earth he did it using glass.  Finally got an idea and tried it myself.  This is my second project using this technique and I love the tree decal that is incorporated into my scene.  The decals at AAE have opened up a whole new world of endless creativity for me, always something new to try and explore.  I love using them to create scenes out of nature and learn something new each time I use them.  They fire perfectly, never wear off and even withstand multiple firings!  Three of my favourite pendants are also captured in the photo.  I hope I have been able to capture their beauty with my camera. 
To take a workshop at AAE would be a dream come true as except for that one workshop and an introductory stained glass class, I am self taught.  I would love to be able to expand my abilities and learn from a master such as Tanya.  I think Extreme Fusing 2 would be better suited to me in terms of learning new skills and techniques and winning an entry to that would be a dream come true, getting to add on David's class would be the ultimate in an exhilarating learning experience!
I have been doing stained Glass for about 30 years as a hobby. I started doing fused glass four years ago after my daughter in law signed me up for a fused jewelry class at Bearden's Stained Glass in Kansas City. I took Tanya's class in San Antonio last summer and learned so many new techniques, that have opened up lots of new creative opportunities. This piece was done using Tanya's layering method with the pelican decal. I shaped the palm fronds by bending stringers in a candle flame. The piece is mounted on plate glass placed in the back of a shadow box.
My name is Maureen Connor and I've been creating jewelry for about 5 years.  I began working with glass a little over 2 years ago and am amazed by its versatility and beauty.  I originally made jewelry with semi-precious stones which I love but found it difficult to find stones and beads that really inspired me to be innovative.  But that's a different story!  The colors, cuts, styles, embellishments and innovative techniques feed my soul and amuse my muse every day.  You can find my glass pendants online at Meant 2b Cherished.
Last year, Tanya Veit ventured to my local glass shop (ArtGlass Connection) and I was fortunate enough to take her class.  When she came back a few months later, I took it again!  She is so generous with her teaching and there was so much information in the class I felt like I needed to take the time just to "get" it all - plus, it was fun.  I was thrilled when she opened her studio in Cape Coral.   The decals are wonderful additions to glass pieces.  Either as a small finishing touch or the focal of the piece.  They are versatile and easy to use.  I get so excited every time she comes out with new designs.
I've recently started added color enamel paints to the decals once I've fused them to a pendant.  It adds an extra unique flair and sets my work apart.  This piece is called Dragonfly Meadow and has shades of pink, gold, green, bronze and brown added to the white decals I chose.  The background of the pendant was created using David Alcala's technique which was introduced to me by Tanya.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to learn from David at Tanya's studio.  
African Savannah Fan
The fan incorporates Bullseye and Uroboros glass arranged and slumped over a gently scalloped fan mold to create the colors and depth perspective of the African Savannah.  A zebra mom and her baby stand in the foreground, resting in the shade of a tree, while elephants and giraffe can be seen in the distance.  The fan uses hand blended frit from AAE Glass as well as AAE large and jewelry size decals.
I've worked with stained glass since 1997 making panels and small gifts and doing commission work for friends and co-workers.  Upon leaving the construction business a couple of years ago, I decided to do what I love - work with glass - full-time in my home studio.
In May of 2011 I discovered Tanya Veit of AAE Glass and took her Extreme Fusing I class in Chicago. It was well worth the drive from Omaha!  Tanya is nothing short of amazing with the amount of material covered in the class and her boundless enthusiasm is infectious!  Her class really inspired me.  
I opened my Etsy shop HummingbirdArtGlass in October of 2011 which features fused glass jewelry with settings from AAE Glass.  I will be participating this year in the local art and craft fairs in the Omaha/Council Bluffs Metro area.  My first fair will be March 24th at Lewis Central H.S. in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
I love the variety of the decals as they allow for so much flexibility and creativity in their use.  I would love to see more horse decals sometime in the future as I'm part of a large horse community and horse lover and horse owner myself!  The silver settings are high quality and they really give the glass a beautiful finished look.   AAE Glass' customer service and their willingness to promote other artist's businesses is like nothing I've ever experienced.  Tanya and her partner Mark are shining examples of the spirit of support and generosity (and Tanya's a hoot in class)!!! 

My name is Jennifer Pottner, owner of Rock Candy Beads LLC.  Although I've been selling gemstone beads for nearly 10 years, I also have a passion for creating with glass  and am a 100% self taught, self representing glass artist since 2008 specializing in lampwork beads. For the last year, I've been fusing glass and am completely addicted to it!  I've never taken a class or workshop on glass and would love to take one of Tanya's fusing workshops.  Since discovering AAE Glass decals, I can't imagine fusing glass without them!  They add so much character and personality to the pieces I create and, like others, I find myself designing the glass around the decals!   I've used other brands of decals with very poor results and  can honestly say that AAE decals are superior quality and the only ones I will use.  I really like that they fire evenly with consistently good results and the enamel is shiny with a nice finish.   The decal designs are great, and my only suggestion would be that I'd love to see some southwest style decals to go with my southwest designs.  This  "SEA TURTLE" pendant is one of my favorites and my family's favorite as well (we all voted on which piece to submit for this contest and he won unanimously).  The pendant has a custom slider bail on the back that I created so that you can hang it on chunkier beaded necklaces and it's easy to put on and take off.   I sell at local gem/jewelry shows in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and am also on etsy at
DOLPHIN WAVE GLASS - Call of the Mermaids

I have been working with glass for the past 23 years. I started with a classic daisy design in the stain glass world in a woman owned shop in Falls Church, Virginia. This is where I first ventured into work with glass. After retiring from my Government career in 2007, I then had the opportunity to work on glass full time! I love being near the water (my 2nd love), and that is one reasons I moved to Florida. Storms, and tides churn the ocean to create amazing scenes in the wonder water cities below the ocean’s surface.

Now Tanya offers several glass classes that allow me to be able to express these great under water themes.

So in my piece I used both large and small black AAE decals to make my “Mermaid Cove”. I used the small decals on each corner, and then a turtle, shark, and sea grass surrounds the large mermaid who is centered in the bottom of the bowl. I also used Tanya’s new ‘Surface tension technique’ to give me a multi-colored surface of ocean blues waves! Stringers and large black AAE tree decals line the bowl to give the cove atmosphere.

The great advantage of AAE is you can use their cold working equipment and/or kilns to finish off your work in a shorter amount of time.

I hope to take my business “Dolphin Wave Glass” to new heights with many of Tanya’s techniques.

AAE assist you with improving your skills; provide a wonderful studio to work in, and will supports your goals to help you meet your business needs.

Thank you Tanya and AAE.

One of the websites I frequently visit is Bullseye.

My name is Lori Masters and I have just recently started fusing glass with my dear friend Tonya Nelson, who has taught me a lot in a short amount of time.  Fusing glass is something I have wanted to try for a long time. I love all of the different and creative possibilities it offers.  I have taken stained glasses, and also beading and wire work.  I have always loved arts and crafts. I like to try new and different things.
I used aaeglass music and 80's style decals on my wind chimes which kind of symbolizes our friendship. We both grew up and went to school in that era. I also think the music and wind chimes go together nicely. Glass stringers were used on the top piece for the staff and silver dichro for the inside of the records. I don't know much about music, so I don't know if the notes on the staff make any sense. The larger notes on the ends are made of black 22 gauge twisted wire and I added Chinese crystals along with glass beads to give it some bling.  I buy a lot of my beads from Fire Mountain Gems. Thanks again to my friend Tonya for all she taught me.
This little pendant gets a lot of comments! It is approx 1" X 7/8". The top white part is a tiny part of the "Butterfly Garden Fusing Decal" and the bottom black is a scrap off the decal that was on the side of the decal, not a part of the design at all! The top is white opal with a dusting of gold mica and the bottom is the black adventurine, all clear capped. The bail is a sterling silver bail from Mexico. 
I have used some other AAE decals. Some I fired at too high a temperature, I told Tanya about it and she patiently explained what I was doing. Some of the white flower decals that I fused too hot came out with a light ghost-like flower, people seemed to like them, I even sold a couple!
A decal I would like to see is a larger blue decal that would mimic blue & white china porcelain (like a dragon, perhaps)! I have several of the decals (like the eyes that I am just itching to use!) I have made a few "Tree of Life" pendants, also. Just started experimenting on my own with the layered effects Tanya uses, would love to learn the REAL thing from a consummate professional!
I do not sell on any of the online stores, but my website is:
I am fairly new to fusing. I started in June of 2011 with a microwave kiln and blew up by microwave in only two weeks (I don't think those things are meant for use by obsessive fusers!) Since then I've advanced to a table top and now a floor model kiln. I think I'm hooked! 
I am a disabled artist, having MS for the past 20 years. My doctor says this is the best therapy I've ever done - it keeps my mind, body and soul engaged and gives me a reason to get up each day. 
(I have to see what the kiln-fairies did overnight!)
My entry was a result of an oops  - don't we all have those? I fused AAE GLASS's white mermaid to a black cab and wasn't satisfied with it - just too plain. So i added sea creatures in gold (sorry - from another vendor) and fired again. Perfect! I am running a contest on my website also, and this piece has gotten a lot of votes as a favorite.

I love AAE Glass products - especially the jewelry settings. The silver is amazing - really holds up well. I know when I list an item with one of those settings that it will fly off the shelf.  I would love to see you offer gold and silver decals so I can give you all of my decal business.
My jewelry is for sale at:

My name is Martha Weekly and I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I began doing stained glass in 2000 after we sold our computer business. After a few years of doing stained glass items, I expressed an interest in fused glass and my husband surprised me with a kiln. I learned all I could through books, the internet, trial and error. After a fairly lengthy period of making bowls, coasters, trays, etc. I gained an interest in making jewelry. Obviously it required much less glass and was easier to transport to craft shows.
The piece I am entering in the contest is 7 ½” long x 5 ½” wide. I cut the moose out with my glass saw and added a mixture of frit at the bottom. I then did a tack fuse to retain a profile. Once tack-fused, I added some of AAE’s decals after cutting and repositioning a few of the branches on the tree so I had a good place for the owl to sit. The birds were the final addition. This was my first time fusing the larger decals and I admit to being nervous about the outcome.
I have been ordering from AAE for at least 2 years and my love of their decals and dichroic glass is surpassed only by their incredible service. Mark and Tanya have done an outstanding job in all areas from quick shipping to answering questions and helping in any way that they can. Additionally, I was fortunate to be able to take Tanya’s “Extreme Fusing” class in August at which time my enthusiasm REALLY peaked! I’m taking another of Tanya’s class next month and can hardly contain my excitement.
I have some of my jewelry and a handful of stained glass items on my Etsy site which is
Hi, my name is Arlene Friesen and I have been doing stained glass for 18 years and fusing glass for 3 years.  I was learning a lot from AAE Glass’ Blog and was able to attend an Extreme Fusing II Class this January where I learned even more and had so many of my questions answered by Tanya.  I am submitting a photo of a pendant made with several layers of fusible and dichroic glass, as taught by Tanya in one of her classes, along with AAE Glass' most popular decal, the Tree of Life!   I co-own an art gallery, with my husband, in a small town in Southern Manitoba called Posers Gallery and you are welcomed to check out our website at
 My name is Ani MacIntyre. I was introduced to AAE Glass decals last year, and love it. I ordered $300 worth and am still playing around with it. This is my first try at it. Cant wait to do tons more. Long Beach. CA.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tanya Veit Teaching at The Vinery Stained Glass Studio

AAE Glass is shipping Tanya Veit and her unique glass fusing techniques to Madison, Wisconsin and The Vinery Stained Glass Studio.  Call The Vinery directly (608-271-2490) to book your seat today.  She is bringing both EXTREME FUSING I (Jan 27-28) and EXTREME FUSING II (Jan 29, 30, 31)with her.  If you are anywhere near the Madison, Wisconsin area, be sure to call today, only a few seats left. 

Denny Berkery has been a friend of AAE Glass since the beginning and he provides an excellent atmosphere to expand your glass fusing techniques in the form of these workshops.  Denny has written several books on glass and has the experience to back them up.  Even if you can't take the workshop, The Vinery is a must stop when you are in Wisconsin. 

Thanks Denny and we look forward to catching up!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Win a Free Extreme Fusing Class with Tanya Veit at AAE Glass

AAE Glass wants to start 2012 with a bang!  We are giving away 1 seat to Extreme Fusing I and 1 seat to Extreme Fusing II (AAE Glass studio only) to the 2 glass artists who wow us with glass art using AAE Glass decals.  We want to encourage and challenge glass artists who use our products in a unique way and give you a chance to learn from Tanya Veit herself as well as expand your glass fusing knowledge as a whole. 

Tanya has been teaching her unique glass fusing techniques in sold out studios across the country for the past year.  She is taking her show international and traveling to Canada, The United Kingdom and Norway this summer in addition to her North American tour.  You can view her class schedule HERE.  Tanya comes from a family of teachers and is a natural herself.  Her enthusiasm, ability to have fun and superb knowledge make her glass fusing workshop a one of a kind experience. 

We aren't going to give you any restrictions as far as what to make, how to make it, etc. We don't want to limit your creativity.  In fact, we are looking for the most creative, "outside the box" piece you can come up with.  Don't be afraid to get crazy.  The only thing that is a "must" is the use of an AAE Glass decal or combination of AAE Glass decals in your piece. You can frame it in a silver setting if you like as well.

Here are the entry requirements: (please make sure you have all of the following in your emailed entries).

Please submit the following in an email to
1-Picture of your entry piece using an AAE Glass decal (jewelry, bowl, plate, vase, panel, etc.)
2-Brief summary of your piece, your business and/or you yourself. 
3-Brief testimonial about any AAE Glass products you have used.  (positives, negatives, thoughts, suggestions, etc).
4-A link to the ONE online store you want to direct traffic to.  

That is it.  Pretty simple.  We will be announcing the winners in February, so there is plenty of time to prepare.  We will let you know as the deadline approaches so you don't miss it.

We wish everyone luck and we are excited to see what these entries bring.  Even if you don't win the contest, there will be free marketing opportunities for all entrants, so be sure to get an entry in and take advantage.  AAE Glass stands by our mission of helping glass artists expand both their creativity and businesses. 

OH, there is more...WE ARE HAVING A 20% OFF SALE ON DECALS. COUPON CODE: CONTEST (good through January 16). 


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updated Firing Instructions for Large Decals

You may have noticed a different firing schedule for the new large decals.  We wanted to point out the differences below.  Thank you for all the great feedback!

Firing instructions for glass fusing decals
Application Instructions:
  1. Clean the glass surface where the decal will go.
  2. Remove any wax paper barrier, if any, from the decal surface.
  3. If desired, cut decal to desired shape using xacto knife or scissors.
  4. Soak the decal in a shallow pan of warm water until they easily slide off the paper. It is easier to apply decal directly from the paper to the glass piece. Leaving them in water too long will result in them floating off the base paper and it will be difficult to apply.
  5. Use a paper towel to blot excess water and gently smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. If air bubbles are not gently rubbed out, a tiny hole will pop through the decal when fired.
  6. Change water frequently after soaking several decals to remove impurities.
Firing Instructions:
Preheating is particularly important in decal work. Materials from the medium on the decal must be burned off gently. Good ventilation allow for a clean final product. Leave the kiln lid open 1-2 inches, plus any peepholes. Preheat slowly to 1000 degrees to prevent pinholes or blisters and then procede with normal ramping. Heat-soak the decals at top temperature for approximately 8-10 minutes. THE FIRING SCHEDULES PROVIDED ARE FOR A REFERENCE POINT ONLY! GET TO KNOW YOUR KILN! Need additional assistance? Email us at with any questions you may have. Remember, it is always better to under fire than over fire!
Low-fire schedule for smaller decals
250 DPH to 350 HOLD 20 minutes
500 DPH to 1000 HOLD 10 minutes
AFAP to 1034-1074 soak 8-10 minutes

250 DPH to 350 degrees HOLD/SOAK 20 min. 
500 DPH to 1000 degrees HOLD/SOAK 30 min. 
AFAP 1180-1300 degrees HOLD/SOAK 15-20 min.