Friday, October 28, 2011

How Will AAE Glass Workshops Make You Money?


I am always excited to talk about emerging artists and their businesses.  At AAE Glass we not only supply you with high quality supplies but Tanya Veit takes the time to personally answer your questions and share her unique glass fusing techniques via her workshops.  So back to the question; How will AAE Glass workshops make you money?

First of all, you will learn extreme and very unique fusing techniques that will set your glass art apart from your competition.  Tanya "breaks the rules" when it comes to glass fusing and she does it with flare!  The amount of information you learn in a workshop is worth the price of admission. 

Secondly, you will take home glass pieces that you created in the workshop using these new techniques.  You can keep these pieces for yourself, give them as gifts or sell them for a profit.  Tanya's glass jewelry pieces retail anywhere from $50 to $75 and larger pieces are north of that. 

Finally, if you are a new glass artist, you will be hooked on glass fusing and nothing can stand in your way.  If you are an experienced glass fuser, you will be re-energized with several new techniques to add to your arsenal. 

To sum up an Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop, you will learn techniques that you can use to create new styles of glass art, you will walk away with pieces that you can sell that will just about cover the cost of the class alone and if anyone has met Tanya, you are going to have a great time doing it.  Learning, fun and income add up to you having a new lease on glass fusing and the opportunity to make money while pursuing your passion of glass.

The new AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida is stocked with the newest kilns, saws, lap grinders, etc.  Like my father always tells me, "Never be cheap with your tools, they are a reflection of you and your work."  This is so true.  If you want to create the best, you need to use the best tools.  That is what AAE Glass can offer you.

There are several dates available for BEGINNER, EXTREME FUSING I and EXTREME FUSING II workshops.  You only need to give 1/2 deposit to reserve your seat.  The other half is due 14 days prior to the workshop.  Be sure to check out the TESTIMONIALS from artists who have taken Tanya's workshops in the past.  We have special rates for lodging at a Holiday Inn available for people coming from out of town and downtown Cape Coral has restaurants, art shops and shopping aplenty. 

The information you receive from these workshops is truly invaluable. 

Mark Veit

AAE Glass

Friday, October 21, 2011

What Sets AAE Glass Decals Apart?

First off, we want to thank all of our loyal glass fusers for their continued support and use of AAE Glass products.  We listen to what you need to expand your businesses and provide high quality products to ensure you are working with the best. 

There are several fusing decals on the market today and we wanted to take the time to point out why our decals are different and superior to other decals commercially available. We receive several e-mails each week from glass fusers asking for our help when the decals they have purchased from other manufacturers turn gray after firing, are not vibrant, look faded or eventually rub off.

It is important to understand the difference between a digitally printed and a screen printed decal. Our glass fusing decals are low fire, enamel and created using an advanced screen printing process. Did you know it takes 5-6 weeks to make ONE design?  Each design contains 8 layers of enamel and requires a drying time of 72 hours between each layer applied in the stencil design. The machine used for this process is a lithograph machine, not a laser computer printer. Did you know you can stretch, manipulate and cut our decals to shape with a craft knife and they will NOT tear?  This shows the durability of our screen printed enamel decals as opposed to other digitally printed decals.

In addition, some companies are trying to pass off ceramic decals as “fusing decals.” Our decals truly are made as “fusing decals” with extra steps taken to make sure they are as durable as possible. Other companies who claim decals are “low to high fire” will not produce the consistent, vibrant results that AAE Glass decals will.

The enamel coloring we use is low fire enamel. When fired to the correct temperature of 1034-1054 degrees, a rich deep color is present after firing. The higher the decal is fired after this range, the color will slowly burn out. This is one reason why “low to high fire” decals come out gray.

Lastly, the artwork is done in house and is original work created by Tanya Veit.  Anyone who has taken Tanya's Extreme Fusing Workshop has learned how durable AAE Glass enamel decals are, as well as many tricks to manipulate these decals and create beautiful glass jewelry (Our decals can be painted as well, see above). 

We feel it is important to educate our customers as much as possible.  We want you to work with the best available tools to ensure you are creating the best, most durable glass jewelry possible.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AAE Glass presents Featured Glass Artist Amber Ballard

AAE Glass is proud to present Amber Ballard of That Bead Girl as our featured glass artist.  Amber's work is truly beautiful and her creativity shines through on each and every piece of jewelry she designs. She also confirms that AAE Glass settings can be used in different mediums to create beautiful glass art jewelery.  Here is more info about Amber in her words:

my name is amber ballard, and i've been a lampwork glass artist for almost 12 years now. the majority of my home based art business is centered around offering focal beads and bead sets to jewelry designers who like to incorporate glass beads into their designs, but each holiday season i strive to offer the most unique gift items which highlight my glasswork in a new and exciting way.

in the past, i've offered wine stoppers, canape sets, keyrings and finished pendants. however, i was so excited to discover and their unique jewelry settings earlier this year.

tanya and company market the products to glass fusers, but i was determined to figure out how to incorporate my lampwork beads into those jewelry settings in a way that was unexpected, would highlight the quality of the products in a new way and would hopefully make other lampworkers excited about them as well.

i was recently able to offer the bangles and pendants at an art show and they were very well received by my customers, getting great feedback on not only the quality but the unique style. i've never been happier with a product and hope this will open up a whole new world to other glassworkers as well!

many of the pendant styles and bangles are now available on my website, and i think the pairing of my glass with the glass settings will hold a permanent place in my year round catalog.

to see these and other work i am currently offering, please visit me online at

Thanks for your contribution Amber.  We wish you all the luck in the world and keep us updated of upcoming shows you will be at.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Extreme Fusing II with Tanya Veit and the New Studio are Here!


AAE GLASS is proud to announce the opening of our brand new glass art teaching studio in Cape Coral, Florida.  Along with the opening, Tanya Veit is debuting her long awaited Extreme Fusing II workshop that takes place over 3 days!  The wait is finally over!  There are only 5 available dates for each workshop in the coming months and classes are filling up FAST!  Tanya is also offering a 1 day Beginner workshop and the 2 day Extreme Fusing I workshop .

The next few months in Southwest Florida are the best weather months of the year.  75-82 degrees and sun everyday.  Our studio, located at 1228 Lafayette St, Cape Coral, Fl 33904, is centrally located in the heart of the downtown Cape.  We have negotiated the best rates with the Holiday Inn Express located 2 blocks from the studio.  You can fly into Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and we are a 20 minute cab ride.  You can rent a car if you wish to explore the SW Florida beaches and islands but it is not necessary if you are planning on exploring the downtown Cape.  There is shopping, restaurants, bars and local SW Florida flair located within walking distance of the hotel.  Did I mention the AAE GLASS studio is just 2 blocks away?  How convenient!

The reviews have been nothing but excellent for X1 and now that Tanya has had time to perfect brand new techniques, X2 is going to be even more informative.  You can read the testimonials here. The techniques in these workshops have helped glass artists reach the next level in their glass art work.  We have helped several "part time" glass artists transition into "full time" glass artists. If you are looking to take the next step in your glass fusing experience, these workshops are a must.  You will receive full support from AAE Glass as we strive to help you anyway we can. 

AAE Glass believes in having fun while learning.  We are going to run these workshops while making fun a priority.  Those who have taken a Tanya Veit workshop in the past know what I am talking about.  We have made it a point to get to know the local businesses and restaurants and there will be no shortage of extracurricular activities during your stay in Cape Coral.

We can't wait to see you again or meet you for the first time.  Be sure to sign up ASAP.  Seats are filling fast.


BEGINNER FUSING WORKSHOP: One full day of beginning fusing with Tanya Veit. You will learn everything from cutting glass, kiln control and programming, glass selection, tools, use of molds, safety, design...the works! You will create coasters, jewelry pendants and a vase. This class is great to take before Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry 1 or 2 if you have no fusing experience. This will be one full day, including lunch, all tools, glass and supplies.

EXTREME FUSING I:  FIVE dates to choose from. Tanya's sold out 2011 tour is now being brought to our home base in Cape Coral, Florida! Are you ready to get serious about your fused glass jewelry?

Published glass artist Tanya Veit of AAE Glass presents a 2 day workshop teaching advanced fusing techniques to create gallery worthy fused glass jewelry. You will learn how to create 5-6 layered glass jewelry pieces, dichroic glass shading, creating your own color blends in glass design as well as creating your own patterned dichroic glass. Intricate etching techniques are taught along with creating your own frit blends and using paints to create your own landscapes FOUR different ways. Tanya's Picasso technique is also taught. As the creator of those cool new decals you may have seen, Tanya demonstrates serious decal work, while even adding your own color to the decals!  Be sure to work with the best quality decals on the market.

This is NOT a decal class! The decals are just icing on the cake, the workshop is about creating the 7 layers to get there! You will learn coldworking techniques that are essential to producing quality work, including how to shape and set your pieces in silver settings. Marketing your jewelry is also discussed by Mark Veit. Mark currently writes the marketing article for Glass Art magazine. This class fills up quickly! Students will leave with 5-6 jewelry projects. ***Basic fusing knowledge along with cutting skills are preferred, but not necessary. If you need basic instruction, we offer beginner fusing classes as well.

EXTREME FUSING II:  Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry Workshop II is debuting at our new studio in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida! This is an intense 3 day workshop with new, EXTREME techniques that will be introduced for your fused glass jewelry. Those of you have taken Tanya's workshops before, know this will be an intense 3 days! The techniques taught in this workshop are completely different and will blow your socks off!

You will notice there are no examples of jewelry for this workshop??? How can we do that? These techniques are so top secret, we cannot release them on the internet... but here is a taste:

-Creating liquid pattern bars for jewelry -Inclusions -Creating powder scenery in jewelry -Creating your own sheet glass -Surface Textures in Glass -SPECIAL SURPRISE TECHNIQUE! This is worth the workshop alone! -EXTREME COLDWORKING. We have opened up our "Mud Room" All students will using the large drill press, state of the art Gemini glass saws, the lap wheel, grinders and handpads.

Upon signing up for workshops & classes with AAE Glass using our secure checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on tools to bring if needed. Discounted hotel information will also be provided. All glass, supplies & lunch are provided by AAE Glass during workshops & classes. If you have any questions about FLORIDA workshops only or wish to sign up by phone, please call 239-284-6559.
Email any questions to


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AAE Glass Featured Artist Debra Nuckolls

AAE Glass is proud to introduce Debra Nuckolls of Fused Glass By Design.  Debra has been a long time supporter of AAE Glass and we love her fused glass jewelry.  Here is a bit of info from Debra herself.

If you would like to gain extra FREE exposure for your business, please send us an email ( with pictures and a synopsis of you are your business as well as a link to your website.

My name is Debra Nuckolls and I have been fusing glass for about 5 years. In researching new techniques and products to use in creating my jewelry I found the aaeglass website and started ordering products. I was lucky enough to attend Tanya's Extreme Glass Workshop at Ed Hoy's this year.  Tanya is a awesome teacher who inspires your creativity to a new level. I am just starting out with my studio on ARTFIRE and hope to begin selling at craft fairs next year. Love your blog!

Thanks Debra, we look forward to seeing more from you and good luck with you ARTFIRE store.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

15% Off Tanya's Hand Picked 90 & 96 Dichroic Scrap Packs


AAE GLASS wants to give you a jump start with your glass fusing this week.  We want to offer you 15% off 90 & 96 COE hand picked dichroic scrap packs.  Tanya has created these scrap packs just as she would if she was going to create glass art herself.  You can search this blog for video and step by step tutorials on how to combine all of AAE Glass' products to create one of a kind jewelry.

If you have taken Tanya's workshop, you know how attention to detail is priority number one.

Be sure to take a look at our new fused glass decals, silver settings and frit blends as well to complete your glass jewelry fusing experience.

As always, feel free to share your work with us.  We are happy to promote glass artists who show our quality products in a great light.

Thanks and have a great week.