Thursday, July 29, 2010

.99 Glass Fusing Decals

Several of our top selling low fire fusing decals are on sale for .99 for a very limited time. If you have been waiting to try our glass fusing decals, now is the perfect time. This represents 65% off the retail price. 10 total fusing decals are available for .99, including 2 high fire decal designs.

Don't forget to look at our other low fire and high fire fusing decals. Also, we have released several new glass fusing sheets, including our first custom colored decals offers all of the following as we take customer service our number 1 priority:
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Friday, July 23, 2010

25% Off Sale on All Low-Fire Fusing Decals

Now through Monday we are offering 25% off ALL low-fire fusing decals with NET orders over $50. We are even throwing in FREE SHIPPING! (offer does not include 5 or 12 packs).

Use coupon code: 25LOW (no spaces)

We have released several new decal sheets recently, including Color Hearts that have been very popular. You have never seen fusing decals like these.

If you have any fusing questions, feel free to contact Tanya at

Have a great weekend and happy fusing!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Butterfly & Orchid Fusing Decal Glass Pendant Tutorial

This is a really cool tutorial using AAE Glass fusing decals. This weeks featured project uses our Floral decal sheets. There are 2 pendants included in this tutorial and the last pictures are other pendants using this same floral sheet.  Have FUN!

Materials Needed:

Floral Decal Sheet
Craft Puncher of your choice
Utility Knife
Finished Fused Glass Cab
Dichroic mini- dots

Butterfly Pendant:

1. Cut out the square floral background decals from your decal sheet. Take a craft puncher of your choice, and punch out your desired design. I used a 1" butterfly puncher from the scrapbook section of Micheal's. I am able to get 2 butterflies punched out of this one decal square.

2. SAVE YOUR WING CUT OUTS! (See photo.) You will use these on the next pendant project.

3. Once your shape is punched out, arrange your decal accordingly on your glass piece. There are so many paper punchers available on the market, this is so much fun in itself to search for the one you want! The possibilities are endless and this opens up a lot of creative doors.

4. I cut up the orchid decal from the same sheet and used the smaller portions of the decal to create the butterfly's antennas.

5. I am really trying to get everyone to open up their creative side and combine decals. We created these decals to open up thousands of design possibilities. By combining decals, you will set yourself apart from other artists using decals.


I have a new camera that I am learning to use and the picture does not do this piece justice! The center of the flower is made with a tiny dichro "dot" that is 3-Dimensional and really makes this piece pop! See below to learn how to make and apply these to your designs!

1. To form the petals of the flower, I used the wing cut outs that were left over from the butterfly that I punched out for the previous pendant. I soaked them in water (as with all decals) and used a set of craft tweezers to place them in the shape of a flower on my glass piece.
Remember, you get 2 butterflies out of ONE decal, I am also using the cut outs on another piece. So, I am able to get 3 pendants out of just ONE decal. There are 6 decals total on the floral sheet.

2. I placed the rest of the orchid that I cut up on the first pendant randomly around the floral centerpiece.

3. The center of the large flower is a "dichro dot" that I used. I love making and using these in my projects. They are great on the floral decals as centerpieces. They are small and impossible to create by cold working, so here is how to do so. (Please see pics above!)
Cut random dichroic strips from 2mm (thin) dichroic glass. Use scrap glass or squares, black or clear back, as long as it is the thin dichroic glass, which is easiest to produce consistent results. Cut thin strips about 1/8 or 1/4" thick. Then, cut the strip into tiny squares about 1/8 or 1/4" long. Put your tiny squares in with your fused glass pieces. The glass will shrink up and ball up, leaving you with little dots that are great for so many projects.

4. Glue the tiny dot with E6000 on AFTER your decal firing. The dot will not come off if you apply your dichro dot with the glue and let dry 24 hours. Then, put your piece in your dedicated jewelry toaster oven at 275 degrees F for 30 minutes. Let cool naturally. This bond will be SOLID. We do this with our bails as well, they never fall off!

As always, you can e-mail me at with all of your decal questions. To view or purchase the rest of our decal line by AAE Glass, visit our website at



Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Color Fusing Decals - Hearts

Color heart fusing glass decals have been released. These fusible glass decals are original designs by AAEGlass. This is our first release of this kind and you get NINE color hearts on each sheet. The combinations are endless. Each of these low fire hearts are 1.25" and can be used on dark glass.

We are offering a special discount of 20% off to our blog followers ONLY through Friday. We are notifying all of our blog followers first. If you follow our blog you can use coupon code BLOG20 to receive 20% off your entire order. You can purchase any of our recently released decals or sheets and receive this discount through tomorrow only.

If you have any questions about using any of our fusing decals, please contact Tanya at We look forward to seeing the beautiful jewelry that you produce with these fun new decals.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

15% Sale On Glass Fusing Decals

Take 15% off your entire order of fusing glass decals and other art supplies through Friday. Use COUPON CODE AAE15 to receive your discount. We have released several new individual fusing decals such as a calla lily and an iris. We have also released a brand new floral fusing sheet of decals.

If you run into any questions during your work, feel free to send Tanya an email at

We will be having a special release and a one day sale on Friday ONLY for blog followers. So if you haven't "followed" us yet, now is the time. This decal release will be sure to be a one of a kind. We only have a limited number is stock, so be sure to check back daily as to not miss this chance.

Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two More Fusing Glass Decal Releases


These silhouette decals can be purchased individually with NO MINIMUM ORDER. Free shipping will be applied to domestic orders with a net value over $25 and international orders with a net value over $50. These decals can be combined with several different decals to create unique images for your pendants.

Our fused glass decals are different than others. We use a special screen printing process that will ensure the colors and shapes will keep their integrity.

We hope you enjoy our product.


Friday, July 9, 2010

New Fusing Decal Sheet- FLORAL SCENES

New Fusing Decal Sheet-
New Sun & Moon Bails

6 Original Art Images:
Dandelions-Floral Wallpaper-Hummingbird Vine-The Orchid-Tree Top Birds
-Mirror Tulips

Also, Be sure to check out the new sun & moon bails to go along with the sun & moon packs. The combinations are endless with all of these new fusing decals to choose from.

As always, there is no minimum order, free shipping is available on qualified orders, both domestic and international and of course we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you have a question, we have a timely answer for you. We are here to help.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pelican Beach Fused Glass Decal Pendant Tutorial

Pelican Beach Pendant

Welcome to our first monthly fused glass jewelry tutorial! Each
month, I will share a new design using our fusible glass decals.
I love to teach and share my designs with fellow glass enthusiasts. This is why
I came up with all these snazzy, glass fusing decals for your pieces!
I spend a lot of time actually designing individual pieces, rather than making
slabs and producing large batches. I have a sketch book with hundreds
of designs and with the constant new development of fusing products
I find that almost any scene can come to life using glass. This Pelican Beach
pendant was created using very little dichroic glass. Try making some
pieces without the glitzy dichroic glass, and see what your mind comes up with.
You will be surprised! Please let me know if you need any assistance
with this project!

Materials Needed:

Tropical Scenes Fusing Decal Sheet (DL-120)
White Fusible Glass
Blue (your choice of shade) Fusible Glass
Dichroic aqua glass
Glass Line White Paint
Frit Blend
Paint Brush or Paint Stick
Glass cutter & breaker

Step 1: Cut your glass blanks. I used a 2"H x 1"W white opal glass blank.
For your second layer, cut a white piece of glass that is 1" x 1" for the bottom
(the beach) and a 1" x 1" blue/turquoise for the top (ocean.) Glue these pieces
to your white base piece.

Step 2: To create the beach area, I use my own frit blend. I have lots of these
made up, and this will take some planning on your part, but I love making
these blends. In this case I used "beach sand" colors of frit, put them in a
large jar and simply stirred the frit colors with a Popsicle stick to get a nice
blend. Put your blend in a container and mark the blend. This blend
is simply called "beach blend" for me and I used tan, amber, shell & black.
Take your WHITE GLASSLINE paints and spread the paint over the bottom
portion of your piece. While the paint is still wet, add your frit blend to the bottom.

Step 3: Take your Dremel (etching creme will also work if you do not
own a Dremel) equipped with your diamond tip, and literally "draw"
wavy lines in your blue dichroic glass. The dichoric side must be facing
up in order for your design to be etched into the glass! Glue the dichroic
piece to the blue part of the glass. Your underlying blue will show through
the dichoric glass you just etched revealing your wavy lines simulating
the ocean.

Step 4: Go back to your glass line white paint and use a small paint brush
or the tip of the bottle to add accents to the ocean water indicating
the surf. Do this sparingly!

Step 5: Fire your piece to a full fuse face down on a kiln washed or thin fire paper

Step 6: Once the piece has cooled, add your clear cap and full fuse again.

Step 7: Cold work your piece with a grinder or tile saw (or both.) Fire polish
your creation.

Step 8: Apply your low-fire pelican decal from your
tropical scenes sheet. (AAEGlass for full decal
applying instructions.) LET DRY OVERNIGHT! Do NOT cap clear!
Your decal will go on your finished, fire polished piece.

Step 9: Fire your LOW FIRE fusing decal to the low fire schedule provided.
These schedules, along with full instructions, can also be found on our
website at Add a bail of your choice. Viola! Masterpiece!