Friday, May 28, 2010

New Sun and Moon Fused Glass Decals


Accent your fused glass jewelry with fusible glass decals. Combine them with our tree of life fused glass decals and your sales will soar! You will receive 12 fused glass, water slide enamels suns and moons. 4 Black silhouette, 4 white moons and 4 glowing yellow suns. Check out the shading on the suns and moons! It is so realistic! ONLY $2.99!

Take 15% Off your entire order. Coupon code MDAY15. (Cannot be combined with any other discount.)

Don't forget...our new nature sheets are here!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.00 (U.S) and $50.00 for International!

Here is a HOT TIP for using these suns and moons:
Apply your sun/moon first. Use tweezers or bead tweezers to easily remove from the water. Apply your tree next, slightly over lapping the sun/moon for a realistic effect! OR cut crescent moons out with scissors or craft knife! So cool!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips for Firing Fused Glass Decal Pendants

AAE Glass

--Do you sell moon shaped fused glass decals?

I probably get an e-mail asking this twice a week! We do not sell the moons. We make them using a regular hole puncher! We take a part of a white (or yellow for a sun) decal and punch a hole in it! Voila! A moon or a setting sun! By the way, designs that have a moon or sun, using this trick, are some of our best sellers!

--Can you combine low and high fire fused glass decals?

The possibilities are endless with this technique! Choose your high fire decal first and fire. Then choose your low fire decal and fire on a separate firing. NO DAMAGE will be done to the high fire decal when re-firing...oh yes...this just opened up a whole bunch of can even over lap them!

--Use an X-acto Knife to Overlap.
Use an X-acto or craft knife to cut away decals and create your own scene. Once you have blotted away your excess water, wait about 15 minutes and cut away parts of one decal and add another with ease. The above pendant was created using birds from one decal, a hole puncher to create the sun, a tree from one decal and then grass from another! YOU CAN OVERLAP THEM and the decals will fire smoothly!

--Trouble shooting and FAQ'S

The decals rubbed off, what happened?
If your decals rub off or blow away like powder after firing, they have not been fired long enough! Check to see if you are firing high fire decals at low temp or are you holding for 8-10 min.?

Why did the decals blister or crack? You over fired or held your hold time to long.
There are "pinholes" in my decals after firing. You did not get all the air bubbles out of the decals before firing! Take a paper towel and make sure to squeeze any excess water off the decal when applying. Let dry for 24 hours before firing - very important!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

12 New Fused Glass Decal Images


12 new fused glass decals have been released today!

The Pelican
Ocean View
The Giraffes
Tropical Palms

Flying "V"
Enchanted Forest
Sunset Tree
Umbrella Tree
Lonely Tree
The Birds

It is our mission to give you as many tools as possible to be as creative as you possibly can. We are offering these fused glass decal sheets individually as well as in 5 packs for a big discount. In our opinion, ALL 12 of these images are usable. Sometimes similar sheets have 1 or 2 usable decals, but we have designed 12 more images that we think will set your jewelry apart from other artists.

If you have any questions, contact us at

There is NO minimum amount for your purchase. FREE shipping is available for qualified orders. We offer a 100% guaranty. We promise to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Happy fusing!


Friday, May 14, 2010

New Fused Glass Decals Images Now Available

We are pleased to announce 6 new, original, low fire, fused glass decal images. These designs are original work created by

-Owl in a Tree
-Enchanted Bird Forest
-Tree Horizon
-Horses Grazing
-Dandelions & Dragonfly Meadow
-Lost Forest

Hi everyone! I am so excited to bring all of you creative people these new fusing decals! Sorry it took so long, I just wanted them to be perfect and to create images that you could cut up and combine with other decals or just leave them by themselves. I have just used these on our pendants and they are AMAZING! See for yourself:

This is ORIGINAL artwork designed by AAEGlass and will only be found here!
Thank you for your continued support and happy fusing!

As always offers the following:
--No Minimum Order.
--100% Guarantee.
--Free Shipping with $25 domestic and $50 international orders.

Friday, May 7, 2010

25% Off Jewelry Bails




*FREE SHIPPING on $25.00 net purchase (U.S.) & $50.00 net purchase for International*

***We have also introduced new Quantity Pricing for our original fused glass decal designs. Click HERE for prices.

***We are set to release 18 BRAND NEW fused glass decal silhouette images. These are all original designs from AAEGlass. Here are just a few designs that will be released: Owl in a tree, Enchanted Bird Forest, Sunset Horizon, Hoses Grazing, Dragonfly Meadow, Lost Forest. These will all be grouped onto one sheet.

***These images are original artwork created by AAEGlass and will only be found here.

You are sure to find several uses for these sheets.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Quantity Pricing Available on Original Decal Designs

AAEGlass has added 12 packs, with special discounts for our original, low fire, fused glass decals. You can now save up to $8 on the tree of life fused glass decals without having to qualify for a wholesale account.

We at AAEGlass realize that times are tough and every dollar counts. We wanted to find a way to accommodate anyone who wants to purchase multiple decals but doesn't want to make the commitment of a wholesale account minimum order. We feel that new quantity pricing for select decals will help many artists.

AAEGlass is the original creator of ALL the designs that you see available in 12 packs. We realize that some of our designs have tried to be duplicated, which in a way is a compliment. What we want to let you know is that just because another company is offering our same image, it may not be the same quality decal. AAEGlass has worked for over a year with our printing department to create a special printing process that enables our fused glass decals to NOT lose color or image integrity when fired properly. The most important part of producing these decals is the printing process. We have developed a special printing process that to our knowledge has not been duplicated.

We have had some glass artists contact us recently asking why their decals are not firing correctly. We are always available to help. We asked what firing instructions they used and they shared them with us. They were not instructions that were provided by us. We then asked them when they bought the decals and they made us aware that they purchased them from a different company. We then sent them a few of our decals with our instructions and the fused glass decals came out black, clear and crisp.

AAEGlass does work with other authorized companies who distribute our products. We make sure that they distribute our decals just as we do, with our exact instructions. If you have any doubt of who or where you are buying your decals from, we encourage you to contact us and we will let you know if they are an authorized distributor of AAEGlass products.

Here are some advantages that AAEGlass always offers:

--NO minimum purchase amount.
--100% Guarantee.
--FREE shipping on qualified orders ($25 domestic and $50 international).

We thank you for your continued business and we look forward to your thoughts on our new fused glass decal images that will be released in the next few days.


Monday, May 3, 2010

April Dichroic Glass Pendant Contest Winner


Congratulations to Mae O'Donnell from Cohasset, Massachusetts! Mae is our April contest winner. We love her use of dichroic glass in this background and our Mighty Tree of Life silhouette decal really makes this one pop! In her own words :

"This pendant was created using 5 layers of dichroic glass. I have really been working on shading and trying to get the colors to look as realistic as possible for backgrounds. Your decals are FABULOUS! I do not sell on the Internet but rather at art shows and local boutiques. My jewelry sales have literally tripled since using your decals. Thanks for making such a great product for us glass artists!"

Thanks Mae, we'll take the shameless plug. Mae has won a $100.00 gift certificate to AAEGlass and with 18 new silhouette images coming this month, we are sure she will have a blast using it! Thanks to everyone who submitted and have a great week!