Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tanya Veit's Glass Fusing Boot Camp at AAE Glass in Cape Coral, Florida

  The enthusiasm in the AAE Glass Art studio this morning was like nothing I have seen before.  I stood in awe at the back of the room and listened to 10 talented and creative glass artists introduce themselves to each other.  The experience levels vary, but with Tanya putting on her show, experience doesn't matter.  If you are hungry to get more out of your glass fusing, Tanya will make sure exactly that happens and she will make sure you have fun doing it.
  These glass artists traveled from around the country to participate in Tanya Veit's very first glass fusing boot camp this week and for many of them, this is their second trip to the AAE Glass Art studio in sunny Cape Coral, Florida.
  To put this in context, AAE Glass is a Veit family run business, with Tanya and her glass fusing expertise leading the way.  The blessing and the curse of owning a family business is we see each other ALL of the time!  At work, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, even on the rare days that we get off we will run into each other in the grocery store or the Monkey Bar (those of you who have visited us know where this is).     We are a very close knit group down here in SW Florida and we love to poke fun at each other as well as share in great opportunities.  It is all in good fun, but because Tanya is the "face" of the operation, we make sure not to let her get a big head from all of the emails from students saying things like; "I have been fusing glass and taking classes for 30 years and Tanya's workshop is by far the most fun I have ever had." or "Tanya's glass fusing techniques have helped me grow my business and I have been able to turn my glass art from a hobby into a full time job."  or my favorite and we get this one on a regular basis, "Taking Tanya's class has given me a new motivation and passion for glass fusing, before her class, I hadn't worked in my studio for years and now I can't get enough."  I think you get the picture that Tanya is not only changing the glass fusing world, but she is positively touching peoples lives along the way with her genuine caring attitude and her ability to instill confidence in the artists who just need a little push. She is not afraid to challenge her students.
  That brings me back to this morning and listening to the introductions.  The compliments about Tanya that the repeat students were sharing with the first time students really made an impression.  The fact that these glass artists took the time out of their lives to travel to Cape Coral, Florida for a second time or a third time in some cases just to learn from Tanya is the highest compliment AAE Glass and Tanya Veit can be given.  I think today is the first day that we will take it easy on Tanya and not harass or tease her because she truly has earned her place in the glass fusing world and AAE Glass is ground zero. We are just getting started.
  We have so many fun things planned this week outside of the studio; Dublin's Irish Pub tonight for a welcome dinner, the Monkey Bar on Friday for live music and dancing and to close out the week, a BBQ at Tanya's.  A Tanya Veit workshop is more than a learning experience, it is an experience all on its own.
  I will do my best to give updates via this blog post throughout the week, but to truly get a feel of what I am describing, you will need to pack your bags and take a glass fusing vacation to SW Florida.  Consider your arm twisted!

Mark Veit

Friday, January 18, 2013

AAE Glass & Olympic Kiln Glass Fusing Contest Winners

The judges have emerged from deliberation and the winners have been announced below.

We look forward to meeting and working with several of the glass artists who participated in the contest. The fact that so many glass artists reported higher clicks and sales on their sites due to this contest really makes us happy.  AAE Glass always has the glass artist's best interests in mind.

AAE Glass, Tanya Veit and Olympic Kilns would like to thank all of the participants in the most recent glass fusing contest.  We more than doubled the entries of our previous contest to roughly 80 glass artists!  We would also like to give a sincere thank you to Cynthia Haugen of Olympic Kilns for donating such a nice, brand new kiln to our winner.  Because of the quality of Olympic Kilns, it is the only brand used in the AAE Glass Art studio.  It is solid business relationships such as these that allow us to service our customers to the fullest. If you are in the market for a new kiln, give Tanya a call at 239-471-7724 and she will put together a great, affordable option for you.  We would also like to thank last years winners and this years judges Maureen Conner and Tonya Nelson for taking the time to study each and every entry and share their input with us.  You ladies did a great job! Now for the winners...

1st place winner of a brand new Olympic Kiln Hotbox is
BETH CAMPSURE of B-Hive Garden Gifts and Jewelry
Beth was almost a unanimous winner of the Olympic Kiln Hotbox.  All judges had this piece on their scorecard and most had it first.  This complex piece incorporates Tanya's Picasso technique that is all the rage in the glass fusing world these days.  Beth took it to another level and that fearless decision earned her a new kiln.  Well done Beth!

2nd place winner of a Tanya Veit taught Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop in Cape Coral, Florida is
Lisa combined several techniques to create this beautiful landscape piece.  The layering is extraordinary.  The amount of time that went into creating this piece is obviously HUGE!  The well thought out background is complimented with AAE Glass "Norther States" decals and they give this piece beautiful depth and dimension.  We look forward to hosting Lisa at the AAE Glass Art studio in Cape Coral, Florida. 

3rd place winner of a $350 share of popular AAE Glass decals and silver settings
Bron won over the judges with this fun and unique flip flop glass art piece.  Tanya's Picasso technique rears it's head again, but this time in a very lighthearted, fun piece.  Again, the uniqueness of this piece is what caught the judges eyes.  This piece proves that any glass fusing technique can be applied to any well thought out piece. 


Lois' Wednesday Morning Fusing Club at AAE Glass

1228 Lafayette St.
Cape Coral, FL 33904
With so many glass artists in SW Florida this time of year, AAE Glass wants to add another fusing club on Wednesday mornings.  If you haven't had a chance to visit the AAE Glass Art studio yet, what are you waiting for?  Our studio has the best glass fusing equipment and teachers in SW Florida not to mention we stock all Bullseye glass, frit stringers molds and more, all in a fun and relaxing environment.  I would like to introduce you to one of our teachers as well as some of the content she will cover on Wednesday mornings.  If you are interested in this fusing club or just visiting the AAE Glass Art studio in general, call 239-471-7724 for more information.
Lois Johnston
Artist & Art Instructor
Cape Coral Florida
Lois Johnston has been an artist and art instructor for over 20 years. She studied fine art and interior design in New York, fine art at the Propersi School of Art in Connecticut, watercolor, textiles and stained glass creation in New Jersey, glass fusing and impressionist painting in Florida.
Prior to relocating in Florida, she worked as a commissioned artist, known for her portraits, botanicals and stained glass. While in New Jersey, she taught classes in various arts, including weaving and use of the spinning wheel. Lois has served as President of the Princeton Weavers Guild, VP of the SW Florida Craft Guild and also was a member of the Board of Directors of the Cape Coral Art League.
As an award-winning kiln-formed glass artisan, her creations are now shown in the art galleries of the Art League of Ft. Myer as well as the Cape Coral Arts Studio. She instructs students in the techniques of glass fusing at the Cape Coral Arts Studio, Potomac Bead Co. and has recently joined the staff at AAE Glass in Cape Coral, where she will be teaching glass fusing classes and workshops. She also personalizes private lessons for students. Her love of people, nature and her work is reflected in her seminars, in the classes she teaches and in her art. Her creations are exhibited in homes across the United States and internationally.
 Lois has joined the AAE Glass team and we are very happy to have her

Funky Fish & Fantastic Sea Life – 10a-12:30p
Create a fun, funky fish or a sand dollar bowl
Kiln Carving - Create a Design of Tropical Leaves, Lighthouse, or Sea Life The results of using this technique are extraordinary, with different depths of design. We’ll use transparent iridescent glass for the background.
Woven Glass Workshop – 10a-12:30p
In the Garden – 10a-12:30p
Butterflies & Birds
Landscape – 10a-12:30p
Jacaranda or Hong Kong Orchid tree
Seascape – 10a-12:30p
Ocean Scene 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

AAE Glass at the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

40% Off ALL Bullseye sheet glass, molds, frit, stringers and more IN STORE through the weekend!
Starting today through January 13th, visit the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida to stock up on glass!  With so many loyal glass artists making the trip from around the state; Miami, Tampa and Orlando to see us at the art show this weekend, we figured we could make your trip even more worth while by giving you a huge discount and loading up your car with a complete selection of Bullseye products!
We look forward to seeing you this weekend. 
AAE Glass has made it a point to inform glass artists and glass lovers of art shows and glass related art websites and their happenings.  This one is near and dear to our heart as it is the largest art show in SW Florida.  It is happening right across the street from the AAE Glass Art Studio on January 12th and 13th.
300 Juried Artists and Craftspeople
January 12-13, 2013 from 10am - 5pm
Downtown Cape Coral
Free admission & Free parking
AAE Glass will be manning a double booth completely stocked with glass art and jewelry designed by Tanya Veit.  Tanya has a loyal following and her glass pieces are in high demand.  Come visit our booth at the show and after you have completed your shopping, walk across the street (behind McDonalds) to the AAE Glass Art Studio and see what all the talk is about.  AAE Glass offers classes for glass artists of all abilities and we also offer 25% off our Bullseye glass (40% this weekend), frit, stringers and more EVERYDAY!  If you are a snowbird and have limited glass fusing equipment down here, you can come and work in our studio for FREE.  

To recap, we have the largest juried art show in SW Florida located directly across the street from the hottest glass art studio in Florida.  If you love glass art, you can't miss this weekend in Cape Coral, Florida. We are always having fun in the studio and that will spill over into the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts on January 12th and 13th.  We hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 12th & Sunday, January 13th, Rain or Shine

The Rotary Club of Cape Coral will be holding the 28th Annual Cape Coral Festival of the Arts on Saturday, January 12th and Sunday, January 13th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days.

The festival takes place on Cape Coral Parkway in downtown Cape Coral between Del Prado Boulevard and Vincennes Boulevard.  Free admission and parking will be provided along with the area's largest collection of art, food and fun for the whole family.

As one of Southwest Florida's largest art shows, this annual art event showcases the works of over 300 juried artists and artisans featuring fine art, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, photography, metal works, mixed media and much more. 

Artists showing their works include Lisa Davin of Dzyns By Lisa, Inc., a jewelry artist and designer currently designing for the Glades T.V. Show.  This year's official event poster artists are Bill Miller and Susan Kelleghan of Dreamstrokes Art.  Their piece showcases a combination of photography and paint and is entitled "Exotic Siesta."

The Rotary Club of Cape Coral produces the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts annually.  This year's event sponsors include: the Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency, Achieva Credit Union, Realmark Development, Lamar Advertising, Waste Pro, Lampe Chiropractic, Destination Boat Clubs, Emarketing, LCEC, Intergraphic Creative Group, Happenings Magazine, NBC-2, Direct Impressions, WINK 1200 -1460, 96.9 WINK-FM and the News-Press.


DATE: Saturday, January 12th & Sunday, January 13th, 2013
TIME: 10 AM to 5 PM Both Days
LOCATION: South Cape - Cape Coral Parkway East

Please call (239) 699-7942 or visit the Festival website for more information.