Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend with Ed Hoy's International

I wanted to share my experience this weekend with the great people at Ed Hoy's International. I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a weekend devoted to new products and the glass industry as a whole.  Maria, Margarette and Ed himself, put on a fantastic event that not only showcased new products in the glass industry, but they also shared ideas on how to grow the glass industry as a whole.  They are on the right track to adapt and succeed with the constant changes glass artists are facing every day. Lets face it, times are changing and unless we change with them, there is a good chance we can fall by the wayside.  They are doing everything they can to provide both vendors and artists with the tools we need to succeed. I thank them for that.

Be sure to check out their website, if you haven't lately, and take a look at all the new products they are carrying.  If you have any questions their staff is prompt and courteous. You can email them at 

P.S. If you met me (Mark) this weekend and I didn't offend you or leave a bad impression, leave me a note under the comment section here and say hi. If I did offend you...please move along.

Mark Veit

AAE Glass

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  1. Mark it was so great meeting you! Thanks for the kind words and we are so thankful for our wonderful friends like you! Thanks for coming to Ed Hoy's Premier Customer Weekend and thanks for this great post!