Monday, January 9, 2012

Win a Free Extreme Fusing Class with Tanya Veit at AAE Glass

AAE Glass wants to start 2012 with a bang!  We are giving away 1 seat to Extreme Fusing I and 1 seat to Extreme Fusing II (AAE Glass studio only) to the 2 glass artists who wow us with glass art using AAE Glass decals.  We want to encourage and challenge glass artists who use our products in a unique way and give you a chance to learn from Tanya Veit herself as well as expand your glass fusing knowledge as a whole. 

Tanya has been teaching her unique glass fusing techniques in sold out studios across the country for the past year.  She is taking her show international and traveling to Canada, The United Kingdom and Norway this summer in addition to her North American tour.  You can view her class schedule HERE.  Tanya comes from a family of teachers and is a natural herself.  Her enthusiasm, ability to have fun and superb knowledge make her glass fusing workshop a one of a kind experience. 

We aren't going to give you any restrictions as far as what to make, how to make it, etc. We don't want to limit your creativity.  In fact, we are looking for the most creative, "outside the box" piece you can come up with.  Don't be afraid to get crazy.  The only thing that is a "must" is the use of an AAE Glass decal or combination of AAE Glass decals in your piece. You can frame it in a silver setting if you like as well.

Here are the entry requirements: (please make sure you have all of the following in your emailed entries).

Please submit the following in an email to
1-Picture of your entry piece using an AAE Glass decal (jewelry, bowl, plate, vase, panel, etc.)
2-Brief summary of your piece, your business and/or you yourself. 
3-Brief testimonial about any AAE Glass products you have used.  (positives, negatives, thoughts, suggestions, etc).
4-A link to the ONE online store you want to direct traffic to.  

That is it.  Pretty simple.  We will be announcing the winners in February, so there is plenty of time to prepare.  We will let you know as the deadline approaches so you don't miss it.

We wish everyone luck and we are excited to see what these entries bring.  Even if you don't win the contest, there will be free marketing opportunities for all entrants, so be sure to get an entry in and take advantage.  AAE Glass stands by our mission of helping glass artists expand both their creativity and businesses. 

OH, there is more...WE ARE HAVING A 20% OFF SALE ON DECALS. COUPON CODE: CONTEST (good through January 16). 



  1. are you allowed to have more than 1 entry?

  2. 1 Entry only. Pick the best one. The one that shows who you are best!

  3. What is the deadline?????

  4. A.A.E. Glass You are amazing!! Date Due?

  5. We are looking at a due date the first week in February. We will let you know as we get closer. Thanks for all the great entries thus far.