Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AAE Glass Extreme Fusing Class Contest Winners

And the winners are...
AAE Glass would like to thank the 30 talented glass artists who took the time to enter our glass fusing contest.  With this type of turnout, you can be assured this won't be the last contest held by AAE Glass. We enjoyed reading the thoughts behind each piece as much as the glass pieces themselves.  It is great to know that AAE Glass decals and products overall, are so well received by talented glass artists who have been in the game for years.  We know this is a passion for you and we want to make sure you have the best tools and resources available to express yourself through glass.  If you haven't seen all of the entrants, click HERE.

Tanya Veit's Extreme Fusing classes seem to have inspired many of these glass artists, as you can see by their comments.  Tanya's energy is infectious and her positive attitude is sure to leave you wanting more.  Many entrants have taken 1, 2 and even 3 workshops from Tanya.  Repeat business is the best business.  The AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida has been a draw for glass artists around the country since we opened in November.  We have had glass artists visit from all across the country, as well as Canada and London to take an Extreme Fusing Workshop or two, and based on their comments, they will be back for more.  We make it a point to have fun while learning!  

After reviewing all of the entries, 2 prizes were not enough.  We broke down the entries into an Art Category for non-jewelry pieces and a Jewelry Category obviously for the jewelry pieces.  We just couldn't settle on 2.  So if it is ok with everyone, we gave away even more prizes!  Overall, $1,000 of classes and gift certificates were given away and trust me, it was hard to stop there.  We want to thank Patty Gray and David Alcala for their contributions as well.  Both Patty and David will be visiting the AAE Glass studio to teach in 2012.  David at the end of April and Patty in October.  You won't want to miss it! 
 OK, enough talk...Here are your winners
Grand Prize Winner
Tonya’s use of creativity and design won the judges over in this beautiful 3 part art panel! Her use of scenery with the decals just goes to show there are no limits on design with AAE Glass decals. Notice the overlapping of the decals with jellyfish! Bravo! We look forward to Tonya’s visit to Florida to redeem her Grand Prize of a free extreme fused glass workshop!

1st Runner Up Art Category $100.00 g.c. to aaeglass.com

The contest was so close, we just had to have a 1st runner up! The use of foreground and background was spectacular in this piece! (Not to mention the combination of large and small enamel decals.) Such a unique shape and beautiful colors create a realistic scene. Well Done!

Grand Prize Winner
Maureen has really captured the essence of this contest! Using AAE Glass enamel decals in a unique way! Adding color to the decals was nothing short of exceptional and the sky background is beautiful! This is a nicely finished piece with delicate and sophisticated wire wrapping. Congratulations Maureen, see you in your free Extreme Fusing Workshop!

1st Runner Up – Jewelry Category $100.00 G.C. to aaeglass.com
The beautiful depth and coloring in this jewelry piece captivated us! The design was well planned, and the decal really pops on this piece! Congratulations!

The following 3 pieces deserve honorable mention and a $25 g.c. to aaeglass.com



  1. congrats to everyone. I especially love the piece by Meant 2B Cherished

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! Grand prize winner's piece is exceptional.

  3. Thank you so much for selecting my piece as the art category runner up! I'm so thrilled - this was a great way to begin my day! There were so many stunning pieces and great artists in the contest.
    Congratulations to everyone and a very Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. All of the entries were stunning! I'm am honored to be among such talented artists -- and thrilled to have won the Jewelry category!

    Congratulations to everyone!!

  5. Thank You so much for selecting my three piece wall hanging as art categories grand prize winner! I learned so much doing this project. It took me over three weeks of daily work to complete. The middle panel looks simple but I ended up blowing it up in the kiln and breaking it into three pieces on my final fire and another time I ended up with huge bubbles!
    I felt so inspired by this contest and came up with so many ideas but really had no idea how to implement them. I have decided to carry this mentality forward and always try to "think outside the box", it just feel so good to have those creative juices flowing.
    I must admit I felt like a winner in this contest before the judging when I read Lori Master's comments about me. I am so proud of her and it is so much fun to share my passion for glass with her because she is so creative and excited to learn.
    Everyone did a spectacular job and I really enjoyed looking at all the entries.
    Congratulations to everyone!!

  6. All beautiful pieces for sure. Everyone did a great job!!

  7. Congrats, to all the artists for some stunning entries! Tanya, thanks for having this great contest it was very inspiring.
    I was thrilled to have my piece included in the honorable mentions.

  8. Wow, I am very impressed with all the work