Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special Offer for Webinar Guests

Now that we have two live webinars under our belts and a million creative ideas running through our heads, AAE Glass wants to thank you for your participation with a continuation of our 20% off sale with coupon code: AUTUMN
AAE Glass also has some new products available that were inspired by this very webinar HERE.
A special thank you to Maureen James of Glass Patters Quarterly Magazine and Marcie Davis of for guiding me along the process.  I never knew how much back end work was involved in a live webinar.  Thank you ladies, you are great. 

I hope everyone learned something this week and this won't be my last webinar, so be sure to sign up early next time to avoid the dreaded waiting list. Lets get fusing!


  1. Ohhh unos colores muy brillantes!!! las piezas me encantan!

  2. I very much enjoyed the webinar. You are a great teacher and the techniques result in very beautiful creations. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I already placed an order using the coupon code so I could get the dremel bits and marking pen. You mentioned that you have a blog post on how to use scraps cut off of the Picasso creation to shape before firing, but I couldn't find it. I was interested to see how you use the cuts in other creations. Great job by all involved. Will attend another webinar in the future since it was a good experience.

  3. Fabulous!! Tanya, your talent continually amazes me!!!