Friday, January 18, 2013

AAE Glass & Olympic Kiln Glass Fusing Contest Winners

The judges have emerged from deliberation and the winners have been announced below.

We look forward to meeting and working with several of the glass artists who participated in the contest. The fact that so many glass artists reported higher clicks and sales on their sites due to this contest really makes us happy.  AAE Glass always has the glass artist's best interests in mind.

AAE Glass, Tanya Veit and Olympic Kilns would like to thank all of the participants in the most recent glass fusing contest.  We more than doubled the entries of our previous contest to roughly 80 glass artists!  We would also like to give a sincere thank you to Cynthia Haugen of Olympic Kilns for donating such a nice, brand new kiln to our winner.  Because of the quality of Olympic Kilns, it is the only brand used in the AAE Glass Art studio.  It is solid business relationships such as these that allow us to service our customers to the fullest. If you are in the market for a new kiln, give Tanya a call at 239-471-7724 and she will put together a great, affordable option for you.  We would also like to thank last years winners and this years judges Maureen Conner and Tonya Nelson for taking the time to study each and every entry and share their input with us.  You ladies did a great job! Now for the winners...

1st place winner of a brand new Olympic Kiln Hotbox is
BETH CAMPSURE of B-Hive Garden Gifts and Jewelry
Beth was almost a unanimous winner of the Olympic Kiln Hotbox.  All judges had this piece on their scorecard and most had it first.  This complex piece incorporates Tanya's Picasso technique that is all the rage in the glass fusing world these days.  Beth took it to another level and that fearless decision earned her a new kiln.  Well done Beth!

2nd place winner of a Tanya Veit taught Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop in Cape Coral, Florida is
Lisa combined several techniques to create this beautiful landscape piece.  The layering is extraordinary.  The amount of time that went into creating this piece is obviously HUGE!  The well thought out background is complimented with AAE Glass "Norther States" decals and they give this piece beautiful depth and dimension.  We look forward to hosting Lisa at the AAE Glass Art studio in Cape Coral, Florida. 

3rd place winner of a $350 share of popular AAE Glass decals and silver settings
Bron won over the judges with this fun and unique flip flop glass art piece.  Tanya's Picasso technique rears it's head again, but this time in a very lighthearted, fun piece.  Again, the uniqueness of this piece is what caught the judges eyes.  This piece proves that any glass fusing technique can be applied to any well thought out piece. 



  1. Woohoo !! I'm so honoured and thrilled to have been selected 3rd place. Thank you so much Tanya, Maureen, Tonya, Mark and AAE Glass. You have made my day !!! Bron.

  2. So many fantastic entries - it was very difficult to choose winners!! Congrats to all the winning artists!

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners! Everyone did an outstanding job and I really enjoyed looking at all of the entries. Thank you Tanya and Mark for allowing me to take part as a judge. AAE Glass Rocks!

    Tonya Nelson

  4. And congratulations to the other winners. All entries were fantastic.....Bron (BronzBeadz and Glass)

  5. There has been such an fantastic standard of entries this year. I feel so privaledged to have been taught by Tanya in the UK and honoured to have recieved an honourable mention!

    Thank you xx

  6. Congratulations to top three, love your pieces! I am very happy to get a honorable mention! Thanks to the judges. Hugs from Norway

  7. Yahoo! I'm very happy to have won Tanya's Extreme Glass Fusing workshop, thanks so much for giving all of us this opportunity, there were many beautiful pieces submitted! Lisa

  8. Beautiful art work - congratulations to all the winners!!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners! All the pieces were so beautiful and it was really cool to see what everyone is doing.

  10. Many thanks Tanya, Tonya and Maureen. Congratualtions to the winners, tremendous work. I'm thrilled to have recieved an honourable mention. I really loved the extreme fusing course Tanya gave here in the UK.When are you coming back across the pond.
    Hazel Millington

  11. Congratulations to all the winners! What a hard decision that was to make. Tanya, et al, thanks for putting on this contest and highlighting everyone's work. Thanks so much for introducing us to new ideas in glass. In my mind we are all winners :-)

  12. I sure enjoyed looking at all the talent and thoughtfulness that went into each piece. Congratulations to all! Maybe next year I will be good enough to enter.

  13. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to AAE. All the entries were inspiring and food for lots of ideas.

  14. Beautiful work by all, everyone is a winner!