Thursday, February 28, 2013

Glass Sandblasting Classes at AAE Glass Art Studio

Those of you who have recently taken a workshop at the AAE Glass Art Studio are aware of Tanya's affinity towards her sandblaster.  She is growing closer to it everyday.  In being Tanya, she immediately contacted IKONICS imaging and asked to speak with Darin Jones, who sold her the sandblaster in Las Vegas last year.  Darin is an expert in the field of sandblasting and Tanya was able to convince him to come to Cape Coral, Florida and give FOUR sandblasting workshops!  They can be taken individually or as a series.     

Darin's job is to be good at sandblasting and as we found out, Darin is real good at his job!  He travels the world teaching sandblasting to corporations and artists alike.  If you have been on the fence about pursuing sandblasting of any kind, any one of these classes will give you a great feel for the art.  Several pieces will be produced by each student.   
To view the current glass fusing classes being offered, be sure to visit

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