Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reputable Handyman in Cape Coral, Florida, John Kellermeier

The AAE Glass Art Studio is constantly in motion and this constant movement requires handyman projects from time to time.  We are lucky enough to have handyman, John Kellermeier of JK Restorations, (239-707-4673 or, at our disposal to bring these projects to life.  John sees beyond the initial function of a project and always takes it a step further to serve even more purposes in an efficient way. 

We highly recommend John and his quality work at a reasonable price.  Estimates are always free and John will go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.  His vast knowledge and experience allows him to tackle projects of all types.  If there is a project you have been putting off or just getting started on, give John a call and get his opinion.  He will be honest and let you know if there is a different or better way to complete your project.  
In our studio alone, John built shelves to house glass and frit, built a counter/cabinet/shelf to house the cash register, built a room divide to go along with maintenance on the building and machines.  Personally, John recently painted our entire house, installed light fixtures and fans and added security that I didn't know could be done.  There is never a question of the work being done well.  We are currently working with John on some glass art installations. 

John is licensed and bonded and has as many references as you need.  If you live in Cape Coral or Fort Myers, John can install a walkway in front of your house, build or repair your boat dock, add a closet to your house, fix your pool, fix your lanai, paint and much more. Feel free to stop by the studio and see the finished product yourself.

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