Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Tanya Veit

The AAE Glass Family would like to wish Tanya Veit a very happy birthday!  
May this be the best year yet!
We believe it will be!  
   Why do we believe it will be the best year yet?  We just watched the final cut of Tanya's first instructional DVD and were blown away.  A very special thank you to producer, Marcie Davis for capturing Tanya's unique teaching style and techniques on Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry, Volume One.
I feel safe in saying this will be like no other glass fusing DVD you have ever seen.
   This DVD contains over one hour of instruction from the fused glass artist everyone is talking about.  Tanya has been generously offering fused glass instruction for the past few years both at the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida and abroad.  Now she wants to come into your home!
   Be sure to LIKE the AAE Glass Art Studio facebook page to be notified first of the DVD's public release.

   So Tanya, even though you are across the pond sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm at the moment, we send our love and best wishes for a very happy birthday and a Beatles-like return to the The States.  

Your fans are waiting!  Cheers!

Mark, Molly, John, Belinda, Lois, Kylie, Sully & Layla


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