Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Uses Fused Glass Art to Raise Money for Military Veterans

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, is using her creativity and love of fused glass art to raise money for American war veterans and Operation Family FundOFF is an organization that raises donations for war veterans and 100% of the funds go to families of fallen and severely injured soldiers.

When AAE Glass was informed of this venture by Dr. Laura, we jumped at the chance to help her raise money for a great cause as well as shed light on the fused glass world as a whole.  It was great to see others in the glass fusing world do the same and donate dichroic glass, molds, frit, machines and more to aid Dr. Laura with her efforts.  The Doc has a knack for creating beautiful pendants and she uses some of Tanya Veit's most detailed decals and techniques to do so. 

Dr. Laura is a well known radio personality, author and gives some great personal advice.  Her radio show can be heard on Sirius XM radio's Sirius XM Stars channel 106.  .

Dr. Laura will also be attending Tanya Veit's Extreme Fused Glass workshop in the near future!  There is no doubt that with Tanya and the Doc in the same room, there will be plenty of energy to go around.  
Dr. Laura has raised almost 2 million dollars for OFF in the past with the sales of her handmade jewelry and public appearances.  This year, she is raising the bar even higher and launching  Dr. Laura Designs is a collection of fused glass art and handmade jewelry that Dr. Laura made and 100% of all sales will be donated directly to Operation Family Fund is now open to the public

Dr. Laura is also donating her time, travel, supply costs, etc, in order to raise as much money for these families as she can.  The Doc has made such an impact in the past with her vigorous fundraising that she was awarded a medal by the Department of Defense, which is rare for a civilian.

You can support this great cause by purchasing a piece from Dr. Laura Designs or simply sharing this post with any glass lovers you may know.  We want to spread the word that fused glass art is being used to raise lots of money for a great cause.  This will shine a great light on our industry as a whole, at the same time helping so many of America's Hero's in need.

Lets show the Doc how loud the voice of the fused glass world can be.  Help us spread the word about Operation Family Fund and share Dr. Laura Designs with anyone who enjoys making or purchasing glass art or handmade jewelry. 

Keep up the good work Doc and we hope to raise awareness for Operation Family Fund.

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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Laura's assistant 2 years running now (sorry I forgot his name) at the big Bullseye sale in Emeryville, CA. He drove up from SoCal and was waiting for the store to open. Nice guy and brought some beautiful pieces of glass. Dr. Laura and Tanya in the same room - yes the energy will be incredible.