Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tanya Veit Free Saturday Glass Fusing Video Released

For the next 72 hours Tanya Veit's glass fusing instructional video will be available FREE on the site.
Supplies Needed:
Bullseye Thin Clear                          Bullseye Opal Powders
Etchall Creme                                  Pinch Bails
CBS Dichroic Texture Pack               Jewelry Drill Bit
Clear or Transparent Coarse Frit       Thin Transparent Bullseye Glass
 The video and dichroic sale is only available for 72 hours. 
Sale is while supplies last.
Sorry, no rainchecks!

Firing Schedule
400 DPH to 1000 Hold 30 minutes
300 DPH to 1225 Hold 60 minutes (bubble squeeze)
FULL to 1490 Hold 12 minutes
FULL to 900 DPH Hold 60 minutes
Turn Kiln Off

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