Saturday, February 8, 2014

BluDragonfly - Glass Art by Christine Wilson

AAE Glass would like to share some beautiful fused glass art from BluDragonfly - Glass Art by Christine Wilson.  Christine has been creating for 20 years and has dozens of unique, fused glass designs to offer these days. I will let Christine tell you about her history with glass and we thank her for sharing. 
I am originally from the west coast of Canada and relocated to Colorado in 1997.   The mountains of Colorado are such an inspiration for richness of color and texture and the beauty of nature.  Many of my projects are inspired by the changing colors of the aspen trees and the deep blue sky of Colorado.  There really is a reason why they call it colorful Colorado!
My interest in creating jewelry started over 20 years ago.  In 2007 I took a beginning lampworking class at a local studio so that I could incorporate my own handmade glass beads into jewelry projects.  My fascination with glass pulled me in the direction of fused glass art in 2009.   I followed up my study in fused glass by taking Tanya Veit's Extreme Fusing I & II Workshops in Denver in 2011 and 2012.  She has inspired me to create beautiful works of art in glass fusing.  I have also participated in Tanya's webinars hosted by Glass Patterns Quarterly.  When Tanya is unable to come to us, it is refreshing to be able to do a webinar and learn additional techniques from her!  I am also a regular participant at the Saturday Night Video Club! 
As my glass art grew in popularity, I began participating in Colorado art and craft shows and started my own business, BluDragonfly.   I currently I have an Etsy shop -  I love experimenting with color combinations and I am always interested in which pieces of glass art customers are drawn towards.   Sometimes I am lucky enough to combine my handmade glass beads into fused glass art projects to make truly unique items.
All my glass projects are created in my home studio in Northern Colorado.  All the pieces are started from scratch – I cut the glass and create the design using colorful glass, stringer and frit combinations.  I love the aspect that each piece becomes a One Of A Kind (OOAK). 
My fused glass pendants have also won several awards in various local jewelry competitions.  When I am not in the studio, my husband and I are out exploring the hiking trails of Northern Colorado.

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