Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glass Fusing Decals are now Available for Purchase.

Fused glass waterslide decals are finally available!!!
Art glass fusible, decal images, created by A.A.E. Art Glass are in stock and ready to ship.


We have received several emails over the past years with inquiries about selling our original images to other glass artists. We have spent the last few months putting all of our decals together and we are finally ready to release them to the public.
These decals are great for your dichroic jewelry.

If you are viewing this blog and it has little to no activity, you are at the front of the line to purchase. We didn't want to release any decals until we were organized and able to handle the expected volume. So, we apologize to our artist friends who wanted these months ago. We wanted to make sure we were prepared to handle the expected volume and meet your expectations.

The decals will be sold in various sample packs ranging from 10 decals to 100 decals. As an added bonus to being in "the front of the line," we will also offer an option to purchase some of our most popular, original designs, such as the Tree of Life (The picture on top is the finished product. The picture on the bottom is the decal). This jewelry has a proven record of selling on the internet as well as in galleries and at art shows.

We will include a set of instructions on how to best fire these decals. Some are Hi fire and some are Low fire. If you prefer one over the other, just let us know.

Our goal is to help other artists access creative material. As artists, we are always looking for the "next big thing" or the "latest in technology." With these decals, your creative side will be put to the test. Your mind will be opened to a whole new experience.

We thank all of our loyal followers for their patience and we welcome our new artistic friends to the ride. If you have any questions at all, we are happy to answer them. If you want to see jewelry we have made with these exact decals, please visit our store A.A.E. Glass Art.

We wish everyone luck and good fortune.

A.A.E. Glass Art

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