Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Water Slide Decal Designs: Saturday

We will be releasing 2 new, water slide decals this Saturday at 12pm. These designs are brand new and limited in number.

We appreciate everyone who takes the time to bookmark our blog and follow. We have received some great notes from you this week, thank you. In appreciation we are offering 20% off decal orders from Saturday 8/2 through Monday 8/4. Just let us know that you follow the blog when you order (must sign up as a follower).

Along with the new designs, we will also be releasing square top bottle stopper blanks for below wholesale price. We created these square blanks and they can only be found in our store. We will have some round as well.

Tomorrow we will be posting our 2nd tip which will touch on photographing your pieces to sell. The goal is to take pictures that pop off the screen at the buyers. Hopefully we can offer some useful information. Here is a link to my store if you want to take a look at some pictures. I am still experimenting, but have found this to be one of the more "fun" parts of the process.

Again, thank you everyone for following and I will be back tomorrow with tip #2.


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  1. That is beautiful!
    * Following you now
    - Jen from FB & Artfire