Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tip #4 Coldworking with Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Cold working: Revolution XT Tile Saw review
I usually save all my cold working on my dichroic glass jewelry for one day of the week and do it for about 8-10 hours straight. Cold working is not my favorite thing to do. I often receive emails on how I shape my pieces since my fused glass pieces are so thick.

I would not be able to have such thick pieces and cut them without some serious equipment. I thought I would share with you my personal opinion on the Revolution XT Saw by Gemini. This saw allows me flexibility with my pieces. I have been using this saw for 2 years. It is a workhorse and can cut through anything, however, this is a high maintenance saw. I paid 1350.00 for the saw. The replacement parts are hard to find and they are expensive. A blade costs about 150.00, replacement kit is about 300.00 and I would suggest replacing the saw blade 3-4 times a year. has most of the parts. There customer service is excellent and they have fast shipping.

Cleaning this saw, is not fun. It is a major chore, but doable on your own.

The good stuff...this saw can cut through 6 and 7 layer pieces with precision and little glass chipping. The diamond blades last a long time and I usually cut 100 pieces or more. It is very safe and comfortable to use. In addition, this is a heavy, sturdy piece of equipment and has a self contained water pump. What does this mean? It means I use it INSIDE my studio with little water mess.

Does anyone else use this particular saw, or a similar one? Please comment if you do. I would love to hear your experiences.

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  1. I also use this saw and while costly it is worth every penny. Replacements parts are very expensive and maintenance is also very time consuming but it's the best thing since sliced bread!

  2. I don't have a saw that intense, but my Taurus II.2 works for my needs. Replacement parts are easier to find and a new blade is usually under $100. The offer a regular size ring, a thin ring, and have recently started selling a dichro blade with a finer grit to prevent chipping. I don't too much trouble with water getting all over either.

  3. Thanks ladies. There are so many tools out there. It is good to get opinions on each.