Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking to feature artists

We want to give you artists yet another outlet to promote your jewelry. We are looking to feature a glass jewelry artist per week on this blog. You may ask; What will this do for me and my business? Here is what it will do...

1-We will devote a blog entry just to you and your jewelry.
2-We will post 2 pictures of your finished product (using water slide decals purchased from AAE).
3-We will share a "blurb" about you and your business.
4-We will post a link to your store.
5-You will win 10 FREE tree of life water slide decals.

The first featured artist will be selected on Monday Aug. 10th.

Here is how you enter for a chance to be featured:
1-Click on the "comment" button below this post.
2-Give us some history on you and your business.
3-Give us a link to your store or web page.
4-Email us 2 pictures of your finished jewelry using these water slide decals.

We can't wait to see what everyone has to offer.


1 comment:

  1. I am new to the glass field. My mom bought a glass store 2 years ago in Northern IL and I went to work for her right away. She had been doing stained glass for about 5 years, so I had been exposed to glass before. The store she bought did not carry fusing supplies, but she jumped right in. She had already gotten the fusing bug and once I was around the materials I took off.

    We have since closed the store (darn economy), but both continue glass work. I now have a full glass studio in my basement (stained glass, fusing, and soft glass lampworking). Without a retail store to sell my art in, the first place I went to was the internet! I opened my store on Etsy and have since been adding more and more to it while trying to get my name out there.

    My Etsy store can be found at:

    Unfortunately I do not yet have pictures of my jewelry with the water slide decals on them, but I will soon! I just found out about AAE and made my first purchase. I can't wait to get them and play around! I hope you'll consider me to feature once I have some pieces to show with your product!