Friday, September 4, 2009

Glass Fusing Artist of the Week, Russ Colwell of Helix Elemental Studio

I’ve dabbled in creative endeavors most of my life. Trying my hand at photography and writing and eventually digital art. I did alot of 3d modeling in programs such as Bryce and Cinema 4D, creating very detailed spacecraft and sci fi scenes which I posted in several internet galleries. I don’t have much time for this time intensive hobby anymore so I’ve preserved much of my sci fi work in one of my blogs ( For a while I made metal furniture, incorporating mosaics into the tabletops, mirror borders, etc. Christina, my folk artist wife and Helix Elemental Studio partner would help me with the designs and work on these projects. Then one day I took a stained glass class and then followed it up with a glass fusing class. I became hooked on glass immediately. I did some lamps and mirrors and slumped some plates and bowls but resisted the idea of making fused glass jewelry because the market is so saturated.

Eventually I gave in to the temptation and started putting together some dichroic glass jewelry. I then realized why so many folks are making jewelry. It’s a fantastic creative outlet. There’s seemingly unlimited mediums and design ideas that one can incorporate into this wearable art form. Along the way I’ve allowed my designs to evolve, incorporating gems into glass and using fusible decals to embellish my pieces. I hope to eventually find time to try my hand at precious metal clay, silver work beading and wire wrapping. But it’s so easy to get stretched too thin when you’re trying to promote an Etsy shop and be active at craft fairs. So it’s best to take it easy and have fun. Christina and I spend nearly every waking moment on our creative adventures and we have no intention of looking back. We have many new ideas to start work on and I have some new directions I plan to take in my jewelry designs very soon. It’s time to move out the old and make room for the new!

-Russ Colwell


Thanks Mr. Colwell. Your jewelry is fantastic. Be sure to click on the links above to view Helix Elemental Studio.

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