Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fused Glass Artist of the Week - Melissa Balusek

This was a very thoughtful submission to Artist of the Week. It is our first nomination from a 3rd party and we love the jewelry. Melissa's website is and you can purchase jewelry direct.

Melissa Balusek first began to notice dichroic glass jewelry and was excited about the lustrous colors and patterns some 10 years ago. She has always loved things that were beautifully colored and could hardly wait to experiment with the glass - and she still constantly looks for new fresh things to try. Walking into her workroom, you first see many beautiful patterns and colors of glass and Melissa cutting and fitting glass to make creations like the ones she offers on her website. Each presents her with a new, exciting adventure. Recently, Melissa found these wonderful fired decals that come in many different designs and sizes which actually become a part of the glass. You will find those listed on her website in the section called "A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA" because they really are something extra to enjoy.

Melissa is also a PMC Guild and PMC Connection Certified Level 2 instructor and you will see some of that work on her website also. She teaches small hands-on classes on how to create jewelry with Precious Metal Clay, how to fuse glass, and other advanced instruction techniques and ideas. She does this in her home where she can give more individualized attention to her students. Melissa often says she does these classes "Because I like helping others find joy in creating wearable art." Melissa has presented examples of her artistic creations at various craft shows in Texas, since 1999. She works with dichroic glass, glass beads, and precious metal clay to create beautiful jewelry; some of which you will want to add to your accessories. Now that she has retired from teaching 5th grade math, she finds she has more time to "play" with my glass.

Thank you so much Emil for sharing Melissa's work with us. Again her website is

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