Thursday, August 19, 2010

Show and Tell - Anna Blair

I would like to introduce you to Anna Blair. You can see her work at ETSY, ARTFIRE and FUNKY FINDS

My name is Anna Blair (ab2255's dichroic glass works).  For 38 years I taught in a local High School, teaching inner-city students commercial art.  I love art, and enjoyed teaching all phases.  As a treat to the students and myself, I always stuck a little fine art in the commercial art curriculum.  Now that I've retired, I can devote more time to doing work that intrigues me, such as hot glass.  After I retired, I reincarnated a thirty year old jewelry kiln by rewiring it, and have been exploring hot glass since then.

One thing that defines me is tenacity.  I'm simply driven to do what I do.  When I paint, I stay up all night working on the painting.  So actually glass is a good choice.  I can put it in the kiln and fire it, then I can't touch it (or open the door) for eight hours or more... that way I get some sleep! lol.

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, "Where the West Begins" is where I live.  It's a large city, but with a western flavor.  Not as sophisticated as Dallas, but more earthy and friendly.  The weather is mild, except in the summer- it can get pretty hot.  We have a few cold days in the winter, with snow once or twice every year or two.  Generally, it's nice enough to enjoy the outdoors year round.

The best advice I can give any emerging artist is to stay the course.  Believe in yourself, and work hard to make the best product you can.  

I believe a carefully made product made with love and care in the U.S. benefits artists from all walks of life.  It not only helps the economy for that artist and his/her family, but it nourishes the spirit of both the artist and the recipient of his or her work.  It's a win/win.

Thank you for sharing Anna and good luck with your glass.

If you or anyone you know would like to plug your work, please send us an email with the following steps and we will get your name and artwork out there.

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