Friday, November 5, 2010

Four Fusing Secrets Inside

Yes, you can overlap decals to create some very interesting effects. I like to overlap trees and forest scenes over suns and moons to create the most realistic scenes. THIS REQUIRES SEPARATE FIRINGS! Apply your sun/moon, fire and then add your trees over the suns/moons. If you try it with one firing, you may get blistering of the decals.

Use colored frit, enamels or a complete different color of bottom glass to create your horizon line. This will add realism to your pieces and add "balance" to the piece.
Several of our glass decal designs come in both black & white.  You have endless possibilities with this technique.  Use a craft knife or scissors for precision cutting.

I am often asked how my decals appear so "black" in some of my pieces. Three factors to this: soak your decals in COLD water if you want more density. Drop your temp 10 degrees and drop your hold time from 10 to 8 minutes. TAKE NOTES! You can always refire our decals and not lose any detail. SO, it is best to underfire and start low! 


  1. However you do it I love them all, great job!

  2. Some great tips here Tanya! Sorry to be missing you at Warm Glass in Aug...I was on honeymoon when the dates came out!