Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World Kissing Day at AAE Glass

Today is International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day. I found these interesting facts in a book called THE SCIENCE OF KISSING.
  • The earliest literary evidence for kissing comes from India’s Vedic Sanskrit texts, dating back 3,500 years.
  • A passionate kiss can make our pupils dilate – probably one reason so many of us close our eyes.
  • Two-thirds of us tilt our heads to the right when we kiss, and it’s not correlated with right-handedness.
  • A man is far more likely to prefer sloppy tongue kisses than a woman. The added testosterone from his saliva may serve to enhance her libido over time.
  • We are not the only species to engage in kissing-like behaviors. Great apes press their lips together to express excitement, affection, or reconciliation.
  • In studies, people remember more of the details about a first kiss than first sexual experience.
  • Kissing works like a drug in our bodies, and can promote dopamine – the same neurotransmitter stimulated from addictive drugs like cocaine.
  • Our lips are packed with sensitive nerve endings so even a slight brush can send a cascade of pleasurable signals to the brain encouraging us to continue under the right circumstances.
Most of these facts are new to me, but so interesting.  In honor of World Kissing Day AAE GLASS wants to offer you 30% off our single decals.  We don't want them to be single anymore.  Use coupon code:
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