Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robbie Daly Featured by AAE Glass

AAE Glass presents Robbie Daly, a featured artist.  Robbie has been a great customer and friend to AAE Glass and she has only good intentions behind all of her work as you will see below.  Thanks for sharing Robbie.  You can check out Robbie's work at the links provided below.

I have always loved glass for as long as I can remember!  I started working with stained glass then moved on to fused glass which lead to making jewelry.  Within a year of learning glass art I was showing my work as a member of a co-op gallery in the Washington DC area where I stayed for 5 years.  My interest in learning everything you could about glass, I moved on to making my own glass beads which I sell on ebay and have since become a Power Seller under the name of Bubbie Beads, which I even registered as a trademark!  

I have always loved animals and my favorite breed the weimaraner has brought me almost 500 friends on facebook all over the world!  This past weekend I held a 3 day fund raiser for a rescued weimaraner in Florida named Maddie.  She spent most of her life in a crate with the exception of 4 hours a day.  Maddie needs knee surgery so she can run again and be pain free.  I sold my glass art and jewelry donating 100% of the proceeds which earned $467.50 during those 3 days to my friends on facebook - one large sale going to Canada with another to England!!  Today I added my money to the $467.50 to bring my donation up to $500 which I transferred to Maddie's Mom for her surgery next week.  

As you'll see I love to wire wrap and taught several classes, several years ago, for a local gallery near me in Northern Virginia.   The wire wrap designs I'm showing you are simple designs I learned from a book years ago but my interest has since branched out into my own designs.  I love bracelets but hate struggling to put them on so I came up with a one piece design that can be hooked with one hand!   A few years ago a friend of mine had a weimaraner that she brought to nursing homes to visit the elderly and when the dog died she was so heart broken she asked me if I could come up with a jewelry design that would hold her dogs ashes.  I made a hollow bead sealing the ashes inside and wire wrapped it into a pendant!   My dog friends on facebook always talk about Rainbow Bridge and how when a dog dies they cross that bridge into heave so I came up with a design for a plate where I write the pet's names in gold.  The small pieces of dichroic glass going across the bridge represents the souls of the departed dogs while the small golden hearts represent a piece of each owner's heart that goes with their dog.  As you can see I do a very wide range of glass work and I pour my heart and soul into each piece I make!  

I have a web site I really haven't had much time to fill with goodies to purchase but mostly sell on EBAY  as well as ARTFIRE.    

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