Friday, October 28, 2011

How Will AAE Glass Workshops Make You Money?


I am always excited to talk about emerging artists and their businesses.  At AAE Glass we not only supply you with high quality supplies but Tanya Veit takes the time to personally answer your questions and share her unique glass fusing techniques via her workshops.  So back to the question; How will AAE Glass workshops make you money?

First of all, you will learn extreme and very unique fusing techniques that will set your glass art apart from your competition.  Tanya "breaks the rules" when it comes to glass fusing and she does it with flare!  The amount of information you learn in a workshop is worth the price of admission. 

Secondly, you will take home glass pieces that you created in the workshop using these new techniques.  You can keep these pieces for yourself, give them as gifts or sell them for a profit.  Tanya's glass jewelry pieces retail anywhere from $50 to $75 and larger pieces are north of that. 

Finally, if you are a new glass artist, you will be hooked on glass fusing and nothing can stand in your way.  If you are an experienced glass fuser, you will be re-energized with several new techniques to add to your arsenal. 

To sum up an Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop, you will learn techniques that you can use to create new styles of glass art, you will walk away with pieces that you can sell that will just about cover the cost of the class alone and if anyone has met Tanya, you are going to have a great time doing it.  Learning, fun and income add up to you having a new lease on glass fusing and the opportunity to make money while pursuing your passion of glass.

The new AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida is stocked with the newest kilns, saws, lap grinders, etc.  Like my father always tells me, "Never be cheap with your tools, they are a reflection of you and your work."  This is so true.  If you want to create the best, you need to use the best tools.  That is what AAE Glass can offer you.

There are several dates available for BEGINNER, EXTREME FUSING I and EXTREME FUSING II workshops.  You only need to give 1/2 deposit to reserve your seat.  The other half is due 14 days prior to the workshop.  Be sure to check out the TESTIMONIALS from artists who have taken Tanya's workshops in the past.  We have special rates for lodging at a Holiday Inn available for people coming from out of town and downtown Cape Coral has restaurants, art shops and shopping aplenty. 

The information you receive from these workshops is truly invaluable. 

Mark Veit

AAE Glass


  1. I can add to the testimonials as I have taken Tanya Veit's Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop. I am traveling to Florida to take Extreme Fusing II and I can't wait.

    The energy she brings is second to none. I can also attest to increased business as I have been selling 2 to 3 times as many pieces at my art shows since I completed Extreme Fusing I. I can now offer several different pieces due to the techniques I learned from Tanya. Buyers are purchasing 3 or 4 at a time instead of just 1, because of the assortment I can now offer.

    I wish AAE Glass all the luck in the world and you have my business for life!

    Susan C.

  2. I have been using AAE fusing decals for over a year now. They are great and i truly believe, the decals have increased my sales. Congratulations on your grand opening and best wishes on your success