Friday, October 21, 2011

What Sets AAE Glass Decals Apart?

First off, we want to thank all of our loyal glass fusers for their continued support and use of AAE Glass products.  We listen to what you need to expand your businesses and provide high quality products to ensure you are working with the best. 

There are several fusing decals on the market today and we wanted to take the time to point out why our decals are different and superior to other decals commercially available. We receive several e-mails each week from glass fusers asking for our help when the decals they have purchased from other manufacturers turn gray after firing, are not vibrant, look faded or eventually rub off.

It is important to understand the difference between a digitally printed and a screen printed decal. Our glass fusing decals are low fire, enamel and created using an advanced screen printing process. Did you know it takes 5-6 weeks to make ONE design?  Each design contains 8 layers of enamel and requires a drying time of 72 hours between each layer applied in the stencil design. The machine used for this process is a lithograph machine, not a laser computer printer. Did you know you can stretch, manipulate and cut our decals to shape with a craft knife and they will NOT tear?  This shows the durability of our screen printed enamel decals as opposed to other digitally printed decals.

In addition, some companies are trying to pass off ceramic decals as “fusing decals.” Our decals truly are made as “fusing decals” with extra steps taken to make sure they are as durable as possible. Other companies who claim decals are “low to high fire” will not produce the consistent, vibrant results that AAE Glass decals will.

The enamel coloring we use is low fire enamel. When fired to the correct temperature of 1034-1054 degrees, a rich deep color is present after firing. The higher the decal is fired after this range, the color will slowly burn out. This is one reason why “low to high fire” decals come out gray.

Lastly, the artwork is done in house and is original work created by Tanya Veit.  Anyone who has taken Tanya's Extreme Fusing Workshop has learned how durable AAE Glass enamel decals are, as well as many tricks to manipulate these decals and create beautiful glass jewelry (Our decals can be painted as well, see above). 

We feel it is important to educate our customers as much as possible.  We want you to work with the best available tools to ensure you are creating the best, most durable glass jewelry possible.

Thank you.

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