Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Breakthrough Color Decal from AAE Glass

AAE Glass is proud to announce a new, color, glass art decal sheet

These are the first art decals of their kind and the pictures speak for themselves.  These glass art decals fire at the same low fire temperature as other AAE Glass art decals and have the same, unmatched, durability and strength.  What makes these glass fusing decals unique is the fact that they don't lose color or shape integrity when fired on dark glass.  These decals are specifically made for glass and differ from other ceramic color decals on the market that only fire on white or ivory glass.  This opens up color combinations that were not available with glass art decals in the past.

AAE Glass has more color designs in the works and will release them as we get them.  I have talked to several glass artists in the northern United States, Canada and Europe and they are gearing up for the art show season.  These decals are sure to set your jewelry apart from your competition.  Local artists in Southwest Florida have been stopping in the studio to take a peak at the new decals and the response has been nothing but positive.  The most popular response from the glass artist is "This opens up so many opportunities."  We are happy with that response and look forward to working with glass artists to expand all of our creativity. 

Remember, if you want to promote a local art show email us at info@aaeglass.com and we will be happy to share your location and art with all of our glass loving readers.

I hope you enjoy the new color decals as we couldn't be happier with them.  Please show us your beautiful glass art when completed.

AAE Glass


  1. These are gorgeous. I'd love to try them.

  2. as always Tanya you are Awesome!

    I can't wait to get mine.

  3. W*o*w .... could you print up some sheets with only the egret in multiples?

  4. Hi Patricia,
    The sheets are currently sold collective. We have more designs in print now. Thanks.

  5. Hi, these decals are amazing, colorful and aesthetically designed. Wonder, they can be used as key tags or string endings.

  6. Email me your address Etched Glass and I will send you a sample. Let me know if they work the way you envision. info@aaeglass.com

  7. Love the new decals anxious for the to get to Ottawa