Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Marketing Your Fused Glass Art...

...can't be ignored.

I wanted to write a bit about marketing yourself and your glass art as well as offer you a place to promote your work for FREE (AAE Glass). I will include some links to articles I have written for Glass Art Magazine as well as glass fusing tutorials Tanya Veit has written for Glass Patterns Quarterly.  If you don't have a subscription to either magazine they are very easy to get and affordable.  You can choose either a printed version, CD or PDF format.

I understand not everyone sells their fused glass art in a part-time or even full-time capacity, but a majority of our readers do.  Advertising can be very expensive and if not done properly, it can be a complete waste of time, money and effort.  It only makes sense to take advantage and focus on social media outlets, which cost nothing but time and effort.  Don't get me wrong, time and effort are of tremendous value, but shedding the cost associated with paid advertising will lighten the load. 

Here are a few links to marketing articles I have written for Glass Art.  These are things I have learned through trial and error over the past several years.  Social media is always changing, so giving yourself a solid foundation will allow you to adjust on the fly.  The more you contribute, the more you get out of it.
Using Social Media to Sell Your Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Blog Your Way to Sales
Partnering with Artists in Different Mediums to Increase Sales
Using Social Media with Confidence

Getting back to promoting yourself for FREE...Art show season is here.  I am happy to promote any art shows you may be attending by sharing your location with us.  We often feature artists on this blog and by sharing yourself with AAE Glass, we share it with all of our readers.  Email if you would like to be a featured artist or share any art shows you may have in the coming weeks or months.  Also, if you know of any quality art shows in your area, please share them with us.  I know all of our readers appreciate quality glass art.

Here are a few fused glass tutorials Tanya has written for Glass Patterns Quarterly.  Tanya believes in teaching glass artists as much as she possible can.  She will share every technique she knows with anyone willing to learn.  Tanya's class schedule can be found at AAE Glass.  Stay tuned for new, beginner classes as well as specialty classes in Cape Coral, Florida.  This is a great community to learn!
Garden Butterfly Fused Glass Barrette Tutorial
Optical Illusion Donut PendantTutorial
Pelican Beach Pendant Tutorial

As always, it is great hearing from all of you.  Keep up the great work and lean on us whenever you feel the need.

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