Thursday, June 21, 2012

20% Off Decals, Silver Settings and Dichroic Glass

AAE Glass wants to help you stock up for your summer art shows with some brand new and exciting products.  Our Paradise in Color decals have made their way to several glass artists and we love the results we are seeing.  Give your glass art a touch of color.  Our new 90 coe wafer thin textured dichroic scrap packs have added a new dimension to building a layers piece of glass art or jewelry.  If you want to encase your fused glass jewelry in a silver plated setting, we have those as well. We have talked to glass jewelry retailers and they are achieving higher profit margins from pieces set in silver.  Set your wearable art apart from the competition.
You will receive 20% off any in stock items when you order today with coupon code: SUMMER

Be sure to enter the June $500 AAE Glass decals giveaway.  Details HERE.

There are a few seats left for Tanya Veit's Extreme Fusing 1 and Extreme Fusing II workshops in August and October.  Be sure to check her schedule for your chance to participate in the hottest glass fusing workshop going.


  1. Are you open on Monday? I would like to buy some material today.

    1. The studio is closed, but the website is business as usual. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations Mark & Molly !!!

  3. Hi Maria, The studio is closed, but the website is open. Coupon code SUMMER