Thursday, June 7, 2012

AAE Glass Releases the Sports Icon Decal Sheet

We at AAE Glass are excited of the possibilities with the new Sports Icon fused glass decal sheet.
Do you have children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, who participate in sports? Do you, yourself belong to a team of any kind?  If so, this is a great way to build team unity. 
Several glass artists we have talked to have great ideas when it comes to using these sports themed fused glass decals.  
A typical little league baseball team has 15 players, a typical basketball team has 12 players and a typical football team has 50+ players.  Not to mention all of the other sports and activities that take place in grammar school, high school and college.  That is a big pool of tight knit potential customers when you combine the players and their parents and grandparents.  The potential of free, word of mouth advertising for your glass art is great. 
Be sure to take advantage of the 5 pack discount for the larger orders you may receive.
If you have a creative marketing idea for your fused glass jewelry, but have questions, send an email to and he will be happy to work with you to "get the word out."  

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