Friday, August 24, 2012

AAE Glass and Tropical Storm Isaac

AAE Glass happens to be located right in the projected path of tropical storm Isaac. The national weather service anticipates Isaac to reach our area early on Monday morning.  Cape Coral, Florida is located in southwest Florida and has had many bouts with hurricanes in the past.  The most recent was Hurricane Charley in 2004 and much of Cape Coral, Florida was without power for 5 days while it dug out from the debris.

While Isaac is still just a tropical storm, we wanted to let our readers know that we are prepared for anything down here, but more importantly, if we are "off the grid" for a few days beginning next week, you know we are cleaning up or without power.  Thanks for all the well wishes and we believe this storm will be just that...A big storm.  One thing is for certain, hurricanes are very unpredictable so we are all on our toes here in SW Florida.  Well wishes go out to all of our glass artist friends in the SW United States, be safe and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

AAE Glass


  1. I talked to your Mom and I'm telling you the same thing ... stay safe. Hopefully Issac will not be really bad. Love you, Aunt Marti

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