Friday, August 17, 2012

New Color Decal Sheet Release Mystical Wildlife

AAE Glass has released a follow up, color, glass fusing decal sheet, Mystical Wildlife.  The examples above are by Tanya Veit and just like the original color fusing decal sheet we released a few weeks ago, Paradise in Color, these are the only color decals of their kind on the market.
These color decals fire on the darkest of glass, including black.  Other "color decals" out there only fire on white or ivory glass without losing color and shape integrity.  Our decals become vibrant on dark color glass and never lose shape of color when fired properly. 
Whether you purchase your decals from a wholesale company or from AAE Glass,  be sure they are made by AAE Glass. 
Handmade art is very special to both the artist and the recipient.  Be sure to use the highest quality decals available.
As usual, we look forward to seeing how you, the artist, will use this new product and we are here to help you succeed.

Have fun and keep fusing!

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