Saturday, March 2, 2013

Suncoast Glass Guild

Kelly of the Suncoast Glass Guild stopped by the AAE Glass Art Studio the other day and introduced herself.  She explained that she is organizing a glass guild for glass artists of all mediums and abilities on the gulf coast of Florida.  Kelly is in the process of recruiting glass artists for the guild and judging by the excitement and passion she spoke with in regards to this particular group, I am confident she will succeed. 

Kelly's vision is to create a group of glass artists willing to share and learn from each other.  She feels especially strong about beginners.  We share the same line of thinking when it comes to people giving glass art a try.  We want to make it an enjoyable experience.  We believe that if you give a person a positive environment and honest instruction, more likely than not they will enjoy themselves and pursue glass art in the future.  Even if they don't pursue it, we can take pride that we represented the art of glass in a positive way. 

We are happy to be involved with any organization that passionately and positively promotes glass art.  AAE Glass believes in supporting the glass artist and art community as a whole and the Suncoast Glass Guild represents exactly that.  To learn more about affordable membership, be sure to visit their website

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  1. Saskatchewan had a very active glass guilde when I lived there.. I really miss it now I'm on the East COast! Good luck, I'm sure you'll have fun if you get it organized!