Sunday, March 17, 2013

The 80's Room Gains Recognition

If you have walked through the AAE Glass Art Studio, no doubt you have seen the "80's room."  When we first opened, Molly and Tanya Veit had a vision to turn part of the studio into an 80's theme.  Both love that era and honestly, most of the decor was supplied by 80's swag that Molly already owned.  A small purchase on ebay for some 45's and album covers and the 80's room was born. 

The fun style, numerous album covers and vinyl records have taken many a glass artist back in time.  It has become part of the creative process for some people in the studio.  Several glass artists have credited the 80's room with jump starting a design they are working on.  You can lose yourself in these walls.

Thank you to for featuring Molly's work on their blog this week.  There are some unique retro ideas on this blog and worth a read if you have time.  Have a great weekend everyone.


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