Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Cape Coral Art Scene has Serious Energy

The Paradise Tiki Hut Bar & Grill hosted a unique event last night that really brought some great energy to the art community of Cape Coral, Florida.  The event was put together with the idea of bringing artists of all kinds together.  This was a LIVE art show.  Artists were painting and demonstrating their works live around the pool, fire dancers twirled balls of fire in unison with the bass spewing from the speakers and to top it off, there was live break dancing every hour.  These guys were serious dancers and could walk on their hands as freely as they could on their feet.  All proceeds from the event went to American Cancer Society and judging by the turn out, they did all right.  AAE Glass was proud to be a small part of this event as we raffled off some finished pieces and free beginner class certificates. We talked to many people who were looking for a creative outlet and we provide just that.
We believe that making art fun and accessible to everyone is as important as anything when promoting and the Tiki Hut did just that.  Everyone at the event, young and old, had a level of energy that we don't typically see on a normal night out.  They were enthralled at the talent on display whether it be on a canvas or the dance floor.  Standing ovations were a common occurrence last night and every artist truly deserved it.  We hope to see more of these types of events here in Cape Coral, Florida because the number of talented artists in this area is great.

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