Thursday, May 23, 2013

AAE Glass Featured Artist Brenda Nicklas of Laughing Dog Mosaics

AAE Glass is happy to share some beautiful glass art with you.  Our featured artist is Brenda Nicklas of Laughing Dog Mosaics.  Brenda has a wide range of works on display at her website, from mosaic glass panels to fused glass jewelry. I will let Brenda tell us about her work in her own words. 
My name is Brenda Nicklas and I am Laughing Dog Mosaics. I have a small studio/shop in the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsylvania. Mosaics became my full time job about ten years ago and three years after that I began fusing glass to include in my mosaics. The fusing evolved to include jewelry and small fused gifts that I sell at my shop, at shows and online. Both mediums were self-taught until I saw Tanya Veit’s webinar for her Picasso style fusing. I am usually able to figure projects out without instructions, but I could not figure out how this amazing technique was done. I gave in and watched the webinar and am I ever glad that I did! Not only did I learn her Picasso style of fusing, but I’ve learned so much more. 
I used to etch my jewelry with acid and it was difficult to get detail with the thick cream. Tanya’s video helped me tighten up my etchings and finish my pendants so that they look more professional. When I compare my old pendants to my new ones, I am surprised at how much better my work looks now (before and after pictures below). That confidence flows into the rest of my work, making me an all around better artist. I strongly encourage others to learn from Tanya’s classes, I’m so thankful that she’s willing to share!
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