Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tanya's Tips Using CBS Dichroic Extract

New by CBS -  Dichroic Extract Powder
This new breakthrough in fused glass can be found at the lowest price at AAE Glass.
Ok, cool....But what do I do with it?
Hi everyone, Tanya here.  I thought I would make some quick notes on my experimentation thus far with CBS Dichroic Extract. Being an instructor for CBS and now a distributor, I plan to really put this stuff to the test. I am not much of a writer, so here are some quick points:
1. When you first get the jar, it will seem like a very small amount, but a little (and I mean a little!) goes a LONG way. At the price of the extract, this is not an element you just throw on a bunch of fused glass. You need to plan it out.
2. I have had excellent results using Klyr-fire as a medium and mixing it with the dichroic extract. I use the etching resist stickers available at AAEGlass.com and paint in the stickers (thus the butterfly pendant). But you need a very small amount so plan to paint a bunch of pendants at once in order not to waste a drop. The stickers are fantastic for this product.
3. Most examples on CBS show that you have to cap the powder. I did several test pieces without capping and most of it will stay stable. If you have too much on, it will not fuse all the way WITHOUT a clear cap. You can simply use a dry brush and brush it back into the jar. I really like the look of this. Rinse off your pendants and the remainder is very vibrant. Don't forget to brush the excess back off into the jar!!!!
4. I used the dichroic extract and mixed it with Glassline paints. Loved it. Gave the paint a nice sparkle. Great for water, sky, clouds etc. if you are doing a scenic piece. I did not cap the pieces that I mixed with paint.
5. I used the splinter extract and mixed it with blue paint and made "sparkling waters" in a scenic paint. LOOKED AWESOME. I used only a few shards so this powder will last for a long time with that kind of use.
6. I mixed a dash of powder with Bullseye Powder, nice sparkle.
7. Biggest question I am getting: Why not just use Mica?  Well, lots of reasons in my opinion. Mica just does not sparkle like dichroic - at all. Mica does not come in a rainbow of colors. Mica has to be capped generally. You can mix it with a medium and then not cap it but you lose most of it and its luster is gone when you wash it off. When capped, Mica generally spreads and lastly...I just love CBS dichroic and there is no substitute.
This is all from one day of experimentation. I have only just begun...now off to New York & Ohio for my teaching gigs. See you all real soon.
Tanya Veit


  1. Thank you. I bought this same product and will now try what you suggest! I appreciate it.

  2. This sounds fantastic! Can't wait to try it.


  3. Wow - looks like fun!

  4. What about flame worked beads? Would the Dichro extract stick to a hot bead? Would it need to be capped?

  5. We have heard great results of flameworkers using the extract. I can't help with specifics, but I have seen some beautiful work using this product. Thank you.