Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AAE Glass has Gemini Revolution XT saws, Covington Lap Wheels & Olympic Kilns

The mudroom at the AAE Glass Art Studio is being put to the test this week with two Extreme Fusing classesTanya has the students cold working their pieces from day 1.  We had 4 Olympic kilns cooking yesterday, 4 Revolution XT saws cutting today and 2 Covington lap wheels spinning like crazy.  The Bullseye glass is being turned into some beautiful art with the help of these machines. 

AAE Glass carries Olympic kilns, Gemini saws, Covington lap wheels and more.  We have everything you need to create your glass fusing studio or take your current studio to the next level.  Call (239-471-7724) or email (info@aaeglass.com) Tanya to discuss which equipment fits your needs best.  You can pick your items up at the AAE Glass Art Studio or we can ship them directly to your front door. 

Lets get fusing!!!

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