Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Huge Announcement & Free Saturday Video Tutorial from Tanya Veit

Be sure you "like" the AAE Glass Facebook page to be notified as soon as the new video from Tanya Veit is posted on Saturday.  It will be up for 72 hours only from the time it is released on Saturday, just like the last video. 

Speaking of the last video, we will be re-running last months video on Thursday Oct. 24th for those that missed it.  Again, be sure to "like" the AAE Glass Facebook page to be notified.

Did I mention Tanya Veit will be making a huge announcement on this Saturday's FREE video?  Don't miss it.  Be sure to tune in for your opportunity to own a new product that will change your glass fusing experience.  That is all I am at liberty to say for now.  HOWEVER...There is a way to get your hands on this new product TODAY, before everyone else, but you must visit the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida to get it.  If you are anywhere near Cape Coral this week, be sure to stop in and see what the buzz is about. 


  1. Ahh, that's not fair. Can't travel from Maryland to Cape Coral without losing my job -- then I couldn't have fun playing with glass. ... lol

  2. What time will the Saturday video be posted?

  3. Are we having a new video this week?

  4. The Saturday video will be released when the upload is complete. It will be in a couple hours.