Monday, April 21, 2014

Featured Fused Glass Artists Eugenia and Gary Olson of BDI Designs Studio

Master fused glass artist Tanya Veit teaches dozens of classes and workshops each year, at the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida.  Hundreds of eager glass artists come from around the world to get a first class experience at Florida's hottest glass fusing studio.  Not only does Tanya teach unique techniques that glass artists can build upon and create glass art they didn't know was possible, but students are also treated to marketing and business advice to help grow their businesses.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a glass artist parlay the techniques they learned into a successful business and there is no greater example of this than Eugenia and Gary Olson of BDI Designs Studio

Eugenia and Gary traveled to Florida from the great northwest and they wore their passion for fused glass art on their sleeves. Like sponges, they soaked up everything Tanya had to offer and they immediately had ideas churning in their heads of how they could apply these new techniques to their growing business.  They have submerged themselves in fused glass art and have made quite a name.  So much so, that Eugenia was featured on KATU channel 2 AM Northwest.  The Olson's, always being proactive, submitted a fused glass piece to a facebook contest and received more than double the votes from the public than the next closest fused glass artist.  AM Northwest saw this and decided they wanted to feature them on TV for their holiday gift segment. VIEW HERE.  

The Olson's focused on art shows mostly to sell their fused glass art, but have recently added an ETSY store and their own website,  Feel free to view their work either place.  Keep up the great work!

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