Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Metallic Glass Fusing High Fire Decals from Tanya Veit and AAE Glass

Brand new to the fused glass industry, Tanya Veit has really knocked these out of the park.  AAE Glass is known for providing the highest quality, low fire glass fusing decals on the market.  Well, the bar has been raised even higher.  Over 60 new High Fire decal designs have been released today.  These designs were not only inspired by Tanya, but by the numerous customer suggestions we have received over the years.  We take our customer comments seriously and have delivered some images that were highly requested.  
High Fire decals are available individually and recommended to be fired between 1300-1425 Fahrenheit. 
These High Fire Decals can be used while fire polishing or slumping at the same time.  
Ventilation is key to a perfect gold or silver finish. 
Your kiln may fire differently.  These instructions are what works best at AAE Glass.  You may need to adjust slightly depending on the finish you are looking for.  

Tanya's suggested firing instructions
250 DPH to 350F Hold 10 minutes
350 DPH to 750F Hold 20 minutes
Full DPH to 1300 - 1425F Hold 12-15 minutes
Full TP 900 (Hold for specific annealing time)
Turn kiln OFF

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