Friday, May 28, 2010

New Sun and Moon Fused Glass Decals


Accent your fused glass jewelry with fusible glass decals. Combine them with our tree of life fused glass decals and your sales will soar! You will receive 12 fused glass, water slide enamels suns and moons. 4 Black silhouette, 4 white moons and 4 glowing yellow suns. Check out the shading on the suns and moons! It is so realistic! ONLY $2.99!

Take 15% Off your entire order. Coupon code MDAY15. (Cannot be combined with any other discount.)

Don't forget...our new nature sheets are here!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.00 (U.S) and $50.00 for International!

Here is a HOT TIP for using these suns and moons:
Apply your sun/moon first. Use tweezers or bead tweezers to easily remove from the water. Apply your tree next, slightly over lapping the sun/moon for a realistic effect! OR cut crescent moons out with scissors or craft knife! So cool!


  1. Wow Your pendants are fabulous !! What a wonderful kit !!

    Diana / lunaessence

  2. Thanks Diane. You have some great stuff as well. Highly recommended.

  3. i love it it's so cool