Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips for Firing Fused Glass Decal Pendants

AAE Glass

--Do you sell moon shaped fused glass decals?

I probably get an e-mail asking this twice a week! We do not sell the moons. We make them using a regular hole puncher! We take a part of a white (or yellow for a sun) decal and punch a hole in it! Voila! A moon or a setting sun! By the way, designs that have a moon or sun, using this trick, are some of our best sellers!

--Can you combine low and high fire fused glass decals?

The possibilities are endless with this technique! Choose your high fire decal first and fire. Then choose your low fire decal and fire on a separate firing. NO DAMAGE will be done to the high fire decal when re-firing...oh yes...this just opened up a whole bunch of can even over lap them!

--Use an X-acto Knife to Overlap.
Use an X-acto or craft knife to cut away decals and create your own scene. Once you have blotted away your excess water, wait about 15 minutes and cut away parts of one decal and add another with ease. The above pendant was created using birds from one decal, a hole puncher to create the sun, a tree from one decal and then grass from another! YOU CAN OVERLAP THEM and the decals will fire smoothly!

--Trouble shooting and FAQ'S

The decals rubbed off, what happened?
If your decals rub off or blow away like powder after firing, they have not been fired long enough! Check to see if you are firing high fire decals at low temp or are you holding for 8-10 min.?

Why did the decals blister or crack? You over fired or held your hold time to long.
There are "pinholes" in my decals after firing. You did not get all the air bubbles out of the decals before firing! Take a paper towel and make sure to squeeze any excess water off the decal when applying. Let dry for 24 hours before firing - very important!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


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