Thursday, May 26, 2011

20% Off Single Glass Fusing Decals and Sheets

Memorial Day weekend is here and it is time to kick off the BBQ season.  Open up the swimming pool, get out the lawn darts and crank up the music. 

Take advantage of our 20% off Memorial Day sale and stock up for your summer art and craft shows.

Use coupon code: BBQ to receive this discount on all single decals and decal sheets.

Be sure to enjoy time with your family and friends and be safe.  If anyone has any recipes or grilling techniques they would like to share, we are all ears.  I am lucky enough to be a judge rib cook off on Monday.  MMMMMMM

Mark Veit

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  1. Be sure to shake a veterans hand this weekend. A Marine once told me that is the best form of flattery he could receive. A simple gesture can make someones day!